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Does Fanola No Yellow Shampoo Really Work?

Good day my lovelies! I hope you are all doing super great. Today’s post is for all you highlighted and light-haired babes. Yes that includes all shades of blonde and silver. I noticed Fanola No Yellow Shampoo popping up on social media and when I saw that Samantha is bringing them in I had to try it. The wait was a bit long but it was totally worth it. What is Fanola No Yellow Shampoo? Fanola No Yellow Shampoo is a shampoo that is made with a violet pigment that tones down the yellow hues in grey or lightened hair.…

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{Review} Guerlain KissKiss Lip Duo

Good day my lovelies, we are already going downhill with this week! The days are passing so fast that I sometimes have to remind myself to just sit down and catch my breath. My luck was on point last week when I won a Guerlain KissKiss lipstick duo from Dave Lackie. Or as he’s also know, they beauty world’s fairy godfather. KissKiss Liplift – Smoothing Lipstick Primer Guerlain Says: The indispensable partner to lipstick, the KissKiss Liplift smoothing base in stick form redefines your lip contour, smoothes and prepares the lips for long-lasting make-up. With its creamy, rich and supple texture…

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{Review} Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box

Good day my lovelies. Today It’s review time again and I’m sharing one of the makeup goodies I got for my birthday. The Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box. After the launch of the Naked Heat palette we popped over to the Foschini store in Eastgate mall. They didn’t have it in stock yet and as you all know us makeup lovers cannot keep our fingers out of samples. Ilona and myself ended up swatching the palettes on display and I totally lost my heart on this gorgeous palette. About The Nocturnal Shadow Box The Nocturnal Shadow box includes all the…

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{Review} Milani Even Touch Powder Foundation + Color Statement Lipstick

Good day lovelies! The past couple of months I’ve seen Milani products pop up all over social media and it had me a little curious. I am not the biggest fan to import makeup as it often turns into some drama so when I saw Milani is now available locally at affordable prices I hopped on the Milani wagon and placed an order. There is currently a great combo available for R175, this includes a Even Touch Powder Foundation and a Color Statement Lipstick. They also offered free shipping for the month of August (if you hurry you can still make…

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{Review} Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser

I recently browsed around some online stores and came across the Lottie Soap Star on Redsquare’s online shop. I’ve tried the Beauty Blender solid cleanser and I wanted to compare this one. The Soap Star is much more affordable and popped it in the cart. I read some reviews on the Soap Star online and I the general feedback was great. What Lottie Says About The Soap Star The travel-friendly Soap Star solid brush cleanser will have your brushes squeaky clean in no time. The brush-friendly formula deeply cleanses, removing excess residue and germs for a cleaner makeup application. Simply…

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