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The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides – Audrey Hepburn

Introducing the Ice Cream Kromask from Inebrya

Ever since the rules of school didn’t apply to me I’ve been doing weird things to my hair. Always not the best decisions for my hair health. Like that time with the red henna – thank goodness it was only a little bit and not my whole head! Now that I’ve grown older I do fun things to my hair with a LOT more caution. I stay away from permanent colour at home kits. I always ask advice from my stylist before using any products on my head. With all the new fashion colours and hair trends coming out I’m…

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I WAXIT all off for the Freedom of Smooth

I’ve been looking forward and preparing for my waxing experience at WAXIT ever since I got invited and confirmed a date and time. And no I’m not speaking about mentally preparing for the pain. I was preparing my hair, the ones I need to wax. For me the worst part of the entire experience was growing out my underarm hair specifically. I could hear jumanji calling every time I lifted my arms. I probably over used the deodorant too. I’m no stranger to waxing tho. I regularly wax my facial hair (yes I do that, I have PCOS so my…

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Oh So Heavenly’s New Fabulous Foot Spa Range

I have horribly dry and cracked feet. Yes there I said it. It’s gross I know, but what can I say? During winter I have soft feet but come summer my feet look horrible. The Dutch probably describe it best. Kloven, voet kloven. That directly translates to feet gorges, it’s a pretty decent description! One of the few products that doesn’t break the bank and actually helps is the foot range from Oh So Heavenly. They have an entire new fabulous foot spa range with a ton of products. Oh So Heavenly’s New Fabulous Foot Spa Range The range has…

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Makeup Products I Regret Buying

I’ve been sitting with this post idea for some time and decided today is the day to just do it. My list of products I regret buying isn’t that long as I tend to buy with extreme caution and I do my re-search so it’s no surprise that these purchases where all made in a whim. Makeup Products I Regret Buying. I Regret Buying the Swiitch #Taupenotch Eyeshadow Palette I don’t disagree that the shades are all gorgeous, but I felt that there are just too many shades that are very similar. Also the palette smelled like chemicals. A friend of…

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RefectoCil Sensitive Eyebrow and Lash Tint

Whenever I tint my brows I am reminded of my grandmother. She used to tint her eyebrows using RefectoCil. One morning she slapped some tint on her brows and carried on with her day. She completely forgot about the dye sitting on her brows until lunch time. That is when my grandfather gave her a very peculiar look and asked “now aren’t you going to take that stuff off your brows?”. This story always gives me a chuckle! RefectoCil is now available in a new range, RefectoCil Sensitive. About RefectoCil Being a world leading brand since 1930,  RefectoCil is prominently…

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