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The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides – Audrey Hepburn

Sheet Masks The Nook Trials { Face Mask Face Off }

This week I joined Melanie from Melanie’s Nook for her weekly trials where she puts 5 to 6 items against each other. You can catch up with her previous trials on the instagram stories as well as this week’s Sheet Mask Trials. We shared our thoughts on one sheet mask each day during the week and I’ve decided to do a roundup post here on the blog. The New Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask Also called the super hydrator, hydrogel recovery mask. Wow what a mouth full. The mask is packed full of hyaluronic acid and uses a hydrogel cooling technology…

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How I keep my eczema under control

About a year ago I had the worse eczema flareup under under my breast that I’ve ever had. It also being under my breast and the perspiration not evaporating as it would anyplace else, the patch stayed moist all the time. It got to a point where I literally had to walk around with tissue stuck in my bra. The whole thing was just gross and uncomfortable. Before this I was also no stranger to eczema but getting such a large patch on my body was new to me. I was used to getting it in my eyebrows, ears, scalp…

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It’s Noughty to the rescue, but is it nice?

Some time ago, before chaos struck from all sides I got sent some Noughty hair care products to try. I’m always searching for the perfect shampoo so I love trying what’s new on the market. I used every last drop of the shampoo and I’m still using the hair serum. But before I get into the review I’d love to tell you more about the brand first. About Noughty The Noughty range is of 97% natural products and they always consider sustainability. The products are packed with all the good stuff and none of the bad. They are free from…

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{Review} L’Oréal Elvive Low Shampoo

Recently L’Oréal Elvive upped their lower end range of hair care with a new product range called Low Shampoo. These products are sulphate free* and no foam.  I’ve become much more aware of what I use on my hair due to my PCOS “gifting” me with hair loss. I’m trying to be as kind to my hair as I possibly can so trying these low shampoos was high up on my list. Over the course of 2 months I purchased 2 out of the 3 variants. What is L’Oréal Elvive Low Shampoo? L’Oréal Elvive Low Shampoo is a gentle cleansing cream that…

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Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty

AI Beauty Aesthetic Center offers its clients a world class medical beauty and aesthetic experience in Johannesburg. They’re now stepping into the market with skincare and they’ve kindly sent me their Anti-Ageing Hydrating Mask to try. I’ve always been lucky with great skin. I’ve never had to worry about breakouts and early aging but now that I’ve hit the 35 year mark I’ve noticed that even tho I have combination skin that my skin needs much more hydration than it did in my early 30’s. Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask The Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask is a sheet mask that contains…

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