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Foodie Friday | Mixed Berry Sponge Cake

On Wednesday the 8th of April my gran turned 89 years old. We treated her by taking her to Flava cafe for lunch and later that evening we had some friends over for cake, savory tart and milk tart. Last year I made my gran a green fig cake, you can find the recipe here, she absolutely adores figs, I went to Woolworths to find the main ingredient for that cake but it was no where to be found so I made another cake with Berry Coulis from Woolworths SA, which was a huge success and I’m sharing the recipe…

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Foodie Friday | Marmite Breakfast Cake Recipe

Happy Friday and Happy Easter weekend everyone! I hope that everyone is busy enjoying a relaxing weekend, whether you are spending it with family or friends or with just a special someone. Marmite Breakfast Cake. I always cook a big brunch on Easter Sunday so today I’m sharing a breakfast cake recipe with you that we love eating on special brunchy days like New Years day and Easter, Marmite Breakfast Cake, yes I know it sounds so weird but it’s really so good! Marmite Breakfast Cake Ingredients: Cake 125g Soft butter or margarine 375 ml Sugar 3 Extra large eggs at room…

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Foodie Friday ft. Rocky Road Biscuits

This week marks a whole new weekly feature on my blog, I’ve decided to replace feelgood movie Friday with foodie Friday where I will share a recipe each week! Rocky Road Biscuits is on the menu today. My very first Food Friday features a recipe by a really dear friend of mine, Sophia. She shared this recipe with me and it looks so good and super easy! This is one of her daughter’s favourite biscuits, she really enjoys nuts and this way she gets all her favourite treats in one cookie. Rocky Roads Biscuits Ingredients 1⁄2 lb (250g) butter. 3⁄4 cup…

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Thick Split Pea Soup

One of the things that I love about winter is soup, it’s easy to make, it’s filling and if you make in bulk you can re-heat it, cutting time spent in the kitchen a bit. Today my post is about thick split pea soup, called Snert in the Netherlands as a dinner treat for my husband, it is not traditional Snert as some of the ingredients I couldn’t find. I spent the morning making homemade bread to go with the soup. Instead of making full loafs I opted for making mini loafs. Thick Split Pea Soup This recipe is guided…

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Bobotie with a blanket, a traditional dish with a twist

I know, I now, I haven’t posted anything yet in June, I’ve been really busy, we are about to move 1500 km across the country and we had estate agents coming and going constantly, but luckily that is all over now, so here is one delicious recipe! Bobotie with a blanket. Bobotie with a blanket When I went to the Netherlands for the first time in 2012 I wanted something to impress my in-law’s with, so I packed a bottle of Mrs. Balls chutney in the bottom of my suitcase and off I went on my journey. A couple of weeks…

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