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Chutney & Mayo Chicken

I’m back with a super easy recipe for chicken. This recipe is probably a favourite in a lot of South African homes and may vary slightly from home to home but it’s just too good not to share! Our recipe is safely tucked away in one of my gran’s recipe binders, I am so grateful that I can page through it and remember all the good times we used to have in the kitchen. This recipe is super easy to follow and you only end up dirtying one mixing bowl and oven dish. A perfect winter evening dish or even…

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Recipe – Dauphinoise Potatoes

This recipe is inspired and adapted from one of the recipes in Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals cookbook. I changed the recipe around a bit to work for me by removing and swapping some of the ingredients for things that are more regularly sitting in our fridge. This dish goes well with nearly anything from “boerewors” to pork chops and it’s really easy and fast to make. Dauphinoise Potatoes. Dauphinoise Potatoes Ingredients: 4 – 6 Potatoes, peeled and sliced 250 ml Cream 1 Purple Onion, peeled, halved and sliced (You can use a white onion as well I just like the…

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A South African Tradition – Gran’s Melktert Recipe

If you are South African and come out of an Afrikaans household, the smell of freshly made ‘melktert’ would probably put you in a state of nostalgia. Nothing smells as inviting as a warm ‘melktert’, cinnamon and almond…..mmmmmm. Our family recipe for this delicious tart comes from my great grandmother and has been passed down and now has a permanent home in my recipe collection.  I’ve sampled many “melkterte” in my 30+ years, some has come really close but none taste like this. Let’s get right into this ‘melktert recipe’! Melktert Recipe Makes 2 crusts and 1 filling: Crust: Ingredients:…

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Chocolate Cheat Cake with Mascarpone Hazelnut Frosting

If you’ve seen my Nettari post you would know that food posts are coming and this is the first foodie post featuring some of the delicious syrups by Nettari, a chocolate cheat cake with mascarpone hazelnut frosting. I chose an easy cheat way to make a delicous cake so if you want to make a delicious cake dirtying only a few dishes then read on! Chocolate Cheat Cake. I’m not calling this n cheat cake because you enjoy it while cheating on your diet. This is a cheat cake because it’s so easy to make because the secret is a box…

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Foodie Friday | Poached Pears with Strawberry Sauce

So I’ve always wanted to try poached pears, they always make them look like such an amazing treat on TV cooking programs so when I spotted red skinned pears at our local fruits and vegetable store I couldn’t let the opportunity slide by. I picked up 5 yummy looking pears and went on a search for a recipe. No recipes I looked at suited what I was after so ended up just using one as a guideline but I pretty much ended up doing my own thing, and guess what, the pears came out tasting just delicious so I thought…

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