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Foodie Friday | Green Bean Stew

Today’s Foodie Friday recipe is another family favourite, even tho we don’t cook it so often. It’s a perfect dish for the colder months but it a slow cooking process so please allow ample time if you’d like to prepare this stew. Oh and this was a great excuse to finally try out my new heavy bottomed pot. Green Bean Stew Ingredients 1 Onion, chopped +- 1.5kg Sheep’s Neck (You can get half of this and half stewing mutton) 500 grams Green Beans, cleaned and chopped 5 Medium Sized Potatoes, peeled and sliced 1 Tomato, peeled and sliced 1 Cup Water 1…

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Foodie Friday | Mug Cake with a Dutch twist

There are many recipes online for mug cakes but I’ve always been skeptical about making one, even tho some of them looked so delicious. In my book things need to be warmed up in a microwave and it’s used to pop popcorn, not to cook and bake in. Something about those wavy things going on inside a microwaves just scare me a bit. I’m a traditional oven and stove top home cook and damn proud of it! Mug Cake with a Dutch twist. But getting back to the mug cake, my hubby came across a video on facebook about how easy it is…

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Foodie Friday | Banana Bread

I am finally getting around to posting my banana bread recipe that I promised weeks ago, but I am apologizing in advance for the pictures, the boys where in such a food rush that they just couldn’t wait for me to do my photo shoot before digging into the bread and I ended up telling them to just take pictures before they devoured the entire loaf, yes people this bread is so good it doesn’t last really long. Banana Bread Ingredients: 125 ml baking Margarine 250 ml Sugar 15 ml Oil 2 Eggs 500 ml Cake Flour Pinch of Salt 2.5…

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Foodie Friday | Amarula Chocolate Cake

I’ve posted this recipe before when I was participating in BlogVember but this cake is so good it deserves it’s own post! I’m not sure who the original creator of this delicious cake is but it’s been doing it’s rounds on facebook for a while and I just decided one day to make it and it was divine.  I’ve since made it for different occasions and everyone is always raving about it and fighting about the last piece of deliciousness. Amarula Chocolate Cake. Amarula Chocolate Cake Cake Ingredients: 60 ml Cacao 125 ml Boiling water 3 Eggs 220 ml Sugar 60…

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Foodie Friday | Mixed Berry Sponge Cake

On Wednesday the 8th of April my gran turned 89 years old. We treated her by taking her to Flava cafe for lunch and later that evening we had some friends over for cake, savory tart and milk tart. Last year I made my gran a green fig cake, you can find the recipe here, she absolutely adores figs, I went to Woolworths to find the main ingredient for that cake but it was no where to be found so I made another cake with Berry Coulis from Woolworths SA, which was a huge success and I’m sharing the recipe…

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