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Foodie Friday | Poached Pears with Strawberry Sauce

So I’ve always wanted to try poached pears, they always make them look like such an amazing treat on TV cooking programs so when I spotted red skinned pears at our local fruits and vegetable store I couldn’t let the opportunity slide by. I picked up 5 yummy looking pears and went on a search for a recipe. No recipes I looked at suited what I was after so ended up just using one as a guideline but I pretty much ended up doing my own thing, and guess what, the pears came out tasting just delicious so I thought…

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Foodie Friday | Butternut, Couscous & Feta Salad with Avo

Hi everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve done a foodie Friday post but today I’m back with a yummy and super easy salad that can be served with just about anything and it makes a delicious braai side. Butternut, Couscous & Feta Salad with Avo. Butternut, Couscous & Feta Salad with Avo This is what you will need 250g Couscous 500g Butternut, cubed 1 Feta Cheese wheel Olive Oil Ina Paarman Rosemary & Lemon Seasoning 1 Avocado Method Drizzle the butternut with olive oil and sprinkle with the seasoning. Pop it into the oven for 20 minutes at 200°C, tossing halfway…

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Foodie Friday | Easy Baked Chocolate Pudding

Hi guys! Today’s Foodie Friday is going to get really chocolaty with this delicious chocolate pudding. It’s super easy to make so if you feel like having something warm and made of chocolate after Sunday lunch (or any meal for that matter) this is the dessert to try. It’s made with only a few ingredients and is super moist. The Easy Baked Chocolate Pudding! Easy Baked Chocolate Pudding Ingredients: 250 ml Cake Flour 10 ml Baking Powder 2.5 ml Salt 125 ml Sugar 22.5 ml Cacao 125 ml Milk 15 ml Butter, melted 125 ml Brown Sugar mixed with 30 ml…

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Pampoenpoffertjies – Pumpkin Fritters in a Syrup

Pumpkin Fritters, or Pampoenpoffertjies, as they are known in Afrikaans, is a delicious treat for Sunday lunches or special occasions. It is kinda like eating your main course and dessert at the same time! Before my husband moved here from the Netherlands, he had a huge disliking of pumpkin, after one serving of these he changed his mind. I came up with this recipe by trying and testing different ones and making my own combination, so here is my Pumpkin Fritter recipe. Ingredients for the Fritters: 500 ml Cooked, Mashed Pumpkin 250 ml Self Raising Flour, if you don’t have any,…

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Foodie Friday | Rooibos Tea Chocolate Cake

I posted this Rooibos Tea Chocolate Cake recipe over a year ago, when I still had 2 separate blogs, before I had any clue about taking nice pictures for posts and after being asked for the recipe by a couple of people after announcing on twitter that I will be making it I figured a re-post is in order! This recipe is from my grandmother’s recipe collection – which I might add is a old file holder filled with cut outs from magazines, I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. I just love this cake and it’s my…

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