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My best airport tips for smoother travelling

If you are a regular reader of my blog and follow me on social media you’d know that I travel to and from OR Tambo International Airport frequently. Whether it be to George or the Netherlands my main pit stop is always  OR Tambo. The biggest dislike about travelling for me is the airport wait (and the take off and landing) so today myself and Travelstart will bring you some of my airport tips and tricks. Airport Tips and Tricks Check in online By checking in online you will make the process of checking in at the airport a bit faster…

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Why Can’t You Afford To Travel?

Traveling regularly is expensive and a lot of people think that they just can’t afford it but that’s not always the case. If you’re in financial trouble then it might not be the best time to spend money on expensive holidays. But in a lot of cases, the reason that you can’t afford to travel is that you’re making bad financial decisions. This  can easily be undone. If you haven’t been able to get the money together to take a trip for a few years, these are some of the reasons why. High Interest Debts If you’ve got a lot…

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Eating in Hong Kong: A Few Things You Should Know

If you’ve never been to Hong Kong before, there are probably a few things that you are worried about; food is likely to be one of them. When you’re traveling to a place that is so alien to what you’re used to, perhaps because you’ve taken advantage of a good deal on an instant book hotel in hong kong central, or a cheap flight to the area, and you haven’t had time to do your research as thoroughly as you would like, then it’s only natural to worry about what you should and shouldn’t eat, where you should eat and…

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Why Visit South East Asia?

South of China and North of Australia you’ll find a peninsula and a string of islands commonly referred to as South East Asia. The numerous countries in this region are home to all manner of sights and experiences from exotic beaches to sprawling urban cities. Here are just a handful of reasons to explore this part of the world. Take in the city sights South East Asia has some of the world’s most incredible metropolises. There are modern cities such as Singapore and Kuala Lumpar full of soaring skyscrapers for those wanting a taste of the urban life. Here you’ll…

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Taking Care Of Your Pets: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Having a pet is certainly a big decision to make. Not only do you need to be fully aware of the responsibility of pet ownership, but you also need to  ensure that you are ready for every aspect of the whole pet care journey. It isn’t always going to be sweet cuddles, picturesque walks and companionship. Of course, there are some major benefits for having a pet in your life, especially if you do live on your own as having someone around in your home can really lift your spirits. Many people decide to get a pet for a variety…

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