About Me. Who am I?

About Me. Who am I?

I’m Lizna, the creator of with Absolutely Life, a lifestyle, beauty and travel blog. I actively started blogging at the end of February 2014. My blog even underwent a re-brand and used to be known as With Elizabeth H. I’m currently living in Wilderness in the gorgeous Garden Route!

What do I blog about?

Blogging about anything life is one of my passions. I love trying out new products and places, going on little adventures locally and learning to find myself. I’m passionate about body positivity as living with PCOS body image is a struggle sometimes.

I’m a dog mama and a big animal lover, supporting and using cruelty free brands is important to me. When I’m not blogging or playing with my dogs I love creating blogs and websites for others and trying my hand at photography.


I’m a freelance graphic designer. I also love making other people’s blogs pretty. So if you are ever looking for a blog makeover, you can look me up over here – www.absolutedesign.co.za

Social Media

I’m available on the following social media platforms:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/bylizna
Instagram: www.instagram.com/bylizna
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AbsolutelyLifebyLizna

Happy reading, and happy blogging to my fellow bloggers!

About Me, About Me. Who am I?, Absolutely Life
About Me, About Me. Who am I?, Absolutely Life

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