You are currently viewing I tried some products from SKIN functional and you should too!

I tried some products from SKIN functional and you should too!

SKIN functional kindly reaches out to me at the end of October and invited me to be part of their November campaigns. I haven’t tried any of their products before this but I was super keen to give them a go as I love skincare products and trying different ones to find that perfect combination for my very finicky skin.

They kindly sent me two products from their very extensive range. The Hydration Juice as well as the Barrier Support. Their website is extremely easy to navigate, the products are listed per age group as well as skin concern making it easy for you to find products that will work for you if you’re a first time shopper. When you receive your order it won’t only be in pretty packaging, you will receive a sheet with product info and in which order to apply your new skincare goodies and when to apply them as well. This is a fantastic extra touch and makes skincare easy for everyone.

SKIN functional hydration juice barrier support

Let’s find out a bit more about the brand – SKIN Functional – Skincare that delivers noticeable results.

SKIN functional is a range of products expertly formulated using optimal concentrations of effective and trusted ingredients to restore and maintain skin’s ideal functioning. The brand was created to demystify skincare jargon and misinformation to deliver honorable skintelligence. Equipped with skintelligence, you can confidently adapt your skincare program to your ever-changing skin needs.

Each product contains ingredients that have earned the right to be there, leaving no room for redundancy. Delivering potent treatments that bring you everything your skin needs with reproducible results. Skin Functional products deliver potent treatments that bring everything your skin needs with reproducible results. SKIN functional is a range of products expertly formulated using optimal concentrations of effective and trusted ingredients to restore and maintain skin’s ideal functioning. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website for more information.

About the products I’m using

Hydration Juice 2% HA + 4% B5 from SKIN Functional

A hydration boost that replenishes skin’s moisture content, for a plump, supple and noticeably smoother appearance. The high concentration of the Hyaluronic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid blend is an ideal water attracting duo, to maximise skin hydration levels.

SKIN functional hydration juice barrier support

The Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid helps replenish and maintain moisture content in the skin, resulting in hydrated, plump skin. Replenishing moisture content diminishes fine lines. Modified Hyaluronic Acid is able to penetrate to all depths of the skin, ensuring that deeper layers have optimal moisture content. Polyglutamic Acid, is a naturally occurring biopolymer that increases the production of natural moisturising factors in skin. B5, has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to assist skin healing.

My Thoughts on the Hydration Juice

Dry and dehydrated skin can often be confused with each other. You can have dehydrated skin that can also be oily. If you’ve been struggling with your skin being dry and nothing that you apply for dry skin is helping chances are that your skin is actually dehydrated. Same with your skin begin oily, the more dehydrated your skin is the more oil it will produce.

The hydration juice works well for combination, dry, oily and sensitive skin. I struggle with eczema on my forehead, around my eyes and nose and the hydration juice has kept this under control extremely well. It also plumps up fine lines and crepey skin. The consistency of this is a little “tacky” while still being runny. It applies easily and absorbs well leaving the skin feeling soft and supple.

Barrier Support Rescue Oil from SKIN Functional

A pure blend of Squalane and Cannabis Sativa Oil to inhibit loss of hydration that reduces skin suppleness. Rescue Oil actively reduces inflammation and irritancy while restoring the barrier function of the skin. 100% plant derived Squalane, restores skin’s natural barrier, while Cannabis Sativa Oil offers the perfect balance of omega 3:6 lipids to the skin.

I tried some products from SKIN functional and you should too! 1

The Ingredients

Squalane, is a 100% plant derived substance which mimics skin’s own natural lipids and inhibits loss of moisture, leaving skin feeling soft and supple. Cannabis Sativa Oil, an anti-oxidant that scavenges Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), delivers perfect ratios of anti-inflammatory omega fatty acids. Assists in diminishing lines, wrinkles, dullness, and poor complexion.

My Thoughts on the Barrier Support

As I’ve grown older my skin has gone from being combination towards oily to being extremely sensitive with a lot of dry patches making the barrier support a perfect match for my skin. This is good for combination, dry and sensitive skin. The consistency of the Barrier Support is a “thin” oil, usually when you think if oil you kinda see something like a cooking oil at the back of your mind but this is nothing like that.

Only about 3 drops is needed and best applied with your finger tips. The first time I tried it I dropped some in my palms but my hands slurped it up very quickly. That being said, it absorbs very quickly into my skin and it doesn’t leave an oily residue. I’ve had no problems applying makeup.

SKIN functional hydration juice barrier support

Final Thoughts

Now for the best part, my skin has been loving both of these products, it’s radiant, well hydrated and super smooth and plump. I feel no need to apply foundation when I’m going out (even to restaurants where I can remove my mask) I’m extremely happy with the current condition of my skin.

More on SKIN Functional

For the last week of November they’re offering 20% off site wide, that means you can pick up any products from their site at a discounted! Use the code sale20 on checkout! Some of the other products from the range includes two exfoliating facials as well as an exfoliating skin tonic, which I am very keen on trying.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever tried anything from SKIN functional and what you’ll be picking up from this fantastic sale!

Disclaimer: The products where gifted in exchange for content but my review and opinions are still my own

I tried some products from SKIN functional and you should too! 2



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