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  • Introducing Footy’s Cooldrink & Flavouring System

    Introducing Footy’s Cooldrink & Flavouring System

    Footy’s recently sent me their entire range of very versatile cooldrink powders. They come in 6 yummy flavours and can be used to flavour just about about anything. I’ve used them to flavour a very creamy low fat frozen yogurt and some rooibos ice tee. You can use them as well to make your own jelly and even flavour cheesecakes! You can visit the Footy’s website over here.

    About Footy’s Cooldrink


    Footy’s is based on a sweetener, namely Erythritol and the positive effect this has on oral hygiene. So how can your oral hygiene improve by simply drinking a powder cool drink?

    Dental cavities (caries) develop when bacteria adhere to the surface of your teeth in the form of plaque. These bacteria then convert the fermentable carbohydrates that have become available into acids which then attack the tooth enamel. Footy’s does not cause the release of significant amounts of acid and the pH in your mouth remains above the critical pH level of 5.7.

    All their products are made with natural colourants, no artificial sweeteners, no sugar and no preservatives, which makes it diabetic friendly. Their powder cooldrinks are ADHD friendly, tooth-friendly and high in vitamin C and contains no artificial ingredients. This makes their products ideal those that are health conscious and individuals prone to allergies.

    Just to recap, Footy’s is:

    • Sugar Free
    • Made with Natural Ingredients
    • High in Vitamin C
    • Banting Friendly
    • Low in Calories
    • Tooth Friendly

    They are also super accredited

    Footy’s Cooldrink Flavours!

    Footy’s come in an array of fun different flavours, each with their own name making them fun to drink if you have kids (or if you are the favourite aunty and you have kids come over often)

    • Stefan the Strawberry
    • Nico the Naartjie
    • Paula the Passion Fruit
    • Ruby the Raspberry
    • Lucy the Lemon & Luca the Lime
    • Grant the Grape

    Where to buy Footy’s Cooldrink

    Footy’s can be purchased at:

    • Pick n Pay
    • Food Lover’s Market
    • Spar
    • Dis-Chem Pharmacies
    • Fresh Stop

    and it’s available as:

    • Ready to drink
    • 450g Jar
    • 170g Jar
    • Variety pack with 5 flavours

    Why I enjoy Footy’s

    Even tho Footy’s looks like it’s a kids drink I actually really enjoy it and so does the rest of my family (and yes, we’re all grown-ups haha) It tastes really great, can be mixed by the glass, so I don’t need to premix a lot and it takes up all the space in the fridge. We just use the fridge water dispenser, some ice and voila, a ready drink.

    I also try and limit my sugar intake without having to drink bland drinks and only water, if you struggle to drink water I highly recommend using these powders to make your water much more palatable.

    It’s packed with vitamin C, especially now with the Covid-19 pandemic boosting with vitamin c is very beneficial for your immune system.


    You can find my easy ice tea recipes using Footy’s Cooldrink powders over here!


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