Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game
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Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game

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Clorets SA revealed Breath Out Proudly For Longer – The Game recently and I was lucky enough to be asked by Clorets to host a game night and experience the game for myself. I have to say, as I’m sitting here, typing this post my throat is sore from all the laughing last night! The Game couldn’t come at a better time either as us South Africans has once again been thrown into the deep end of loadshedding. I’ve preciously posted about the Clorets campaign over here.

Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game

Breath Out Proudly For Longer

This game is a culmination of stories shared confidently by South Africans who have found themselves in situations that took longer than they expected. Moments that require confidence to help them push through in hopes of a better outcome.

As fresh breath experts Clorets believe that in moments like these we all need a bit more confidence and something to help us breath our proudly for longer.

To illustrate that we are all in the same boat Clorets asked comedians such as Chris Forrest, Ndumiso Lindoi and Glen Biderman-Pam to kick start the call for entries by giving them a boost of confidence to share their stories via regional radio. Fans eagerly responded with an influx of stories, which resulted in a mix of human truths and shared experiences that all South Africans can relate to in one way or the other.

Breath Out Proudly For Longer – The Game

Each game comes with 50 White Scenario Cards, 226 Green Answer Cards, 4 40 Minutes Cards, 4 Eliminator Cards and 16 Breath Out Proudly Story Cards. The play of the game is rather straight forward but be prepared of a lot of chatter and laughter!

Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game

How to play

To start the game you need to shuffle all the green cards and the white cards. I suggest breaking the green cards up into piles because not even the best magician in all the land will be able to shuffle a card stack with 226 cards in one go. Deal each player 7 cards (this game will is for 3 or more players but I suggest to play it with as many friends and family members you can gather in one spot)

The eldest person at the table will be the first booster and will then draw one of the white cards from the deck and read the sentence on it out loud. A great example of one of the white cards is: 75% of South Africans say they want to legalize… Using the green cards in their hands, each player at the table must answer the question by filling out the blank on the white card.

Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game 1

These cards then get passed to the booster who then shuffles the cards and reads them out loud together with the text from the white card. The Booster then picks the funniest answer and then the person who submitted that card then gets to keep the white card. All the green cards then goes to the discard pile and each player draws a new green card.

After each round the person to the left of the current booster takes over as the next booster. When all of the white cards has been used the game is over and the person holding the most white cards is then crowned the winner and holds the title “Breathe Out Proudly For Longer Champion”

Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game

Some of the white cards have two blanks, for these everyone will submit two green cards. The 40 minute cards gets used to improve the position of the player holding its position in the game and can score them 2 white cards if their submission is the funniest. And of course, like any game there is a booby trap in the shape of an eliminator card where you can stop someone from submitting their green card for one round.

Breath Our Proudly For Longer Story Cards

If you draw a story card it has immediately be put into play and you get to nominate someone to tell their Breathe Our Proudly For Longer moment in certain situations and how they overcame it with a boost of confidence.

Games Night

We had an absolute fantastic games night thanks to Clorets. We laughed till the tears rolled and didn’t even mind that we are having loadshedding. I wanted to record our funnies for you guys but because of the loadshedding I didn’t have enough light to film. Clorets also sponsored a prize for one of my guests and Anthonie went home with his own Breath Out Proudly For Longer Game.

A fun and interactive game that allows you and others to be comfortable enough to get to know each other and laugh at yourself.. I love the fact that I’m not the only one who’s ever had to breathe out proudly for longer – Zaakira Omar

Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game
Anthonie & Cara

Giveaway {CLOSED}

I’m giving away 2 sets of Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game and you can enter on my social media platforms!

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Remember the game is a limited edition and not available for purchase, so enter, enter to get your hands on it.

Breath Out Proudly For Longer The Game 2

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