Take a #FreshBreathCheck – Sunstar GUM will donate 1 toothbrush
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Take a #FreshBreathCheck – Sunstar GUM will donate 1 toothbrush

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Take a fresh breath check with Sunstar GUM this February, National Fresh Breath Month. You could win awesome oral care prizes and contribute to the Dental Wellness Trust’s LiveSmart oral education programme. Simply take the #FreshBreathCheck test here and see how your breath scores. You could win a year of oral hygiene treatments and a Sunstar GUM oral care hamper valued at over R2,500! When you enter, Sunstar GUM will donate a toothbrush on your behalf to the Dental Wellness Trust, a charity organisation that reaches around 15, 000 children in low-income areas of South Africa with vital oral care skills.

Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic Toothbrush (R259) #FreshBreathCheck

Sleek, stylish and comfortable to use, the Sunstar GUM ActiVital Sonic Toothbrush provides extra power for a healthy mouth and super clean teeth and gums. The ultra-tapered bristles are scientifically proven to remove up to 50% more plaque from between the teeth than a manual brush and reach deeper below the gumline. Available in black or white at a recommended retail price of R259 from Dis-Chem, selected dentists and pharmacies. Replacement heads are available. #GUMActiVital

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

GUM Original White toothpaste (R65) #FreshBreathCheck

Helps remove stains and prevent their reappearance without damaging enamel. It contains fluoride to reinforce tooth enamel, as well as vitamins for healthier gums. It contains low-abrasive micro-silica to gently remove surface stains and a unique StainClear agent to help dissolve stains in hard-to-reach areas.

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

GUM Expanding Floss (R54) #FreshBreathCheck

Ideal if you have small gaps between the teeth, sensitive or receding gums. GUM Expanding Floss is easy to insert, even between the tightest contacts, and expands during use for an exceptional clean.

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced (R99) #FreshBreathCheck

The latest disposable dental picks with soft rubber bristles that remove plaque and debris whilst gently massaging and stimulating the gums. Ideal for adults and children. #GUMSoftPicks

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

GUM Easy-Flossers (R59) #FreshBreathCheck

Designed to make between-teeth cleaning simple, fast, and effective, GUM Easy-Flossers hold the ultra-shred-resistant floss at the ideal tension in an easy-to-grip handle. Perfect for on-the-go flossing with a practical travel case.

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

Sunstar GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner (R60) #FreshBreathCheck

Effectively helps remove plaque and food debris from the surface of the tongue. The two sides provide a dual-action – bristles to gently brush and a serrated edge to wipe the surface clean.

  • Softly brush your tongue using the bristles to dislodge plaque and debris from the tiny grooves on the surface of the tongue. Use a small amount of toothpaste for extra freshness.
  • Turn the Tongue Cleaner over and use the serrated edge to gently scrape from the back of the tongue to front.
  • Start as far back as you can without gagging. The narrow head helps limit the gag reflex.
  • After each swipe rinse it with water.
  • For extra fresh breath confidence, complete your oral care routine by rinsing and gargling with alcohol-free GUM Original White or Dentyl Dual Action mouthwash.

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

GUM Original White mouth rinse (R99) #FreshBreathCheck

Alcohol-free Sunstar GUM Original White Rinse contains StainClear to help remove stains from in-between the teeth and the tiny crevices in tooth enamel. Made with a patented combination of fluoride, Isomalt and vitamins, Original White Rinse delivers advanced mineralisation for stronger and shinier teeth, helping prevent further staining while strengthening gums and teeth.

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

GUM Red-Cote Disclosing Tablets (R50) #FreshBreathCheck

When it comes to maintaining fresh breath and a healthy mouth, removing dental plaque is essential. But because it’s virtually invisible, plaque it’s not easy to spot. GUM Red-Cote Disclosing Tablets make it easy to find out which areas of your mouth need more brushing or flossing! Simply chew one of the tasty, cherry-flavoured tablets for 30 seconds after your usual oral care routine. Don’t swallow. It will turn plaque red, so you can identify where you need to brush or floss again until your mouth is completely clean. Recommended by dental professionals to help children learn to brush effectively, and for adults who want to check up on their oral hygiene.

Take a #FreshBreathCheck

Please don’t forget to take the #FreshBreathCheck so you can donate a toothbrush!

Take a #FreshBreathCheck - Sunstar GUM will donate 1 toothbrush 1

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