Things no one tells you when getting a puppy
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Things no one tells you when getting a puppy

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I make no secret about is that we have six dogs. And yes I say we have, not we own, because you don’t own family members, you have them. We added the last two fur members a couple of months ago and our other dogs being much older I remembered smack bam how much work puppies are! So I thought I’ll compile a list of those things that you tend to forget when you have older dogs. There are things you tend to forget to tell your friend about when they’re getting a puppy.

They eat, everything

Not as much as chew up but if they can reach it, it will fall victim to their little teeth, and when they have bigger teeth, they just take bigger bites. Nothing is safe, cellphones, glasses, bras, panties. Even pots and pans. These terrible twins (as we call them when they’re naughty) tried to take a pan from the stove and it broke. In half. I’ve lost about four pairs of iPanema sandals to their reign. But how do you stay angry at puppies?! They just still need to learn, it just takes so much patience. I’ve actually forgotten how many things the others chewed when they were little.

PS. On the odd occasion they eat poop too.

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They don’t sleep

Well they do sleep, but they don’t do it as you’d want them to. Especially when they’re still very young. So prepare yourself to be woken up by little adventurers in the middle of the night. It’s not the same as being kept awake by tiny humans because tiny humans don’t walk and bite and poop on the carpet.

18 Months

That’s for how long they’re considered puppies and this is for how long you will have to feed them puppy food. It’s really important for their bone growth as the puppy food contains extra calcium. Puppy food is more expensive than adult dog food but please don’t take shortcuts, you don’t want your dog to have brittle bones in old age.

They have no manners

Everything an older dog does was taught to them. Puppies need to learn not to jump up on people, bite your feet and go potty outside. They are basically born with a clean slate of having no manners. Their cuteness sure makes up for this, hundred times over!

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Their teeth fall out

Around four months of age, they will loose their teeth so don’t get a huge fright when you look at your new puppy and there are teeth missing. This is to make space for their strong, teeth that aren’t like little sharp needles. This is also when they’ll start chewing up most of the things they can find, so make sure you keep things out of reach and buy them stuff they can chew on.

Escape artists

Puppies love to learn and explore so make sure they’re fenced in really well. If there is a slight chance of an escape they will do it!

They will take over your couch, bed and heart

Their cuteness will however wipe all of their naughty antics from your heart and mind because they will love you no matter what!

Hints and tips for when you’re getting a puppy

First of all, make sure that you are ready to be committed to another living being for the next 12 to 16 years. If you can’t commit then please don’t get a puppy.

Do it from the beginning: If you don’t want your dog to sleep on your bed and get on your furniture don’t allow them to do this when they’re puppies. If you let them once they will think it’s okay with you.

Bath and groom them often, if you make it fun for them from early on by giving them rewards they won’t grow to hate it and try to drown you on that rare bath day. Our one pooch that turned 10 last year loves being washed and dried with the hairdryer because I started her off when she was a pup. She doesn’t mind getting her nails cut either.

Feed them really good dog food from the start. We love the nutribyte range, it’s a good price point for a good quality dog food. A lot of people aren’t aware that the better the dog’s food the smaller their poop.

“My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.” – Elayne Boosler

If you think I’ve missed anything in my list, please feel free to add it in the comment section!

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