West Coast Distillery Has Gin For The Win
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West Coast Distillery Has Gin For The Win

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I was recently sent two bottles of Gin by West Coast Distillery and if you follow me on social media you’ll know that I have a slight gin obsession. Mostly only local craft gins will do for this gin snob and the Caspyn and Nightshade gins surely didn’t disappoint. You can read more about the brand over here. In today’s post I’m going to share a bit more about the Gin and how I liked them.

Caspyn West Coast Dry Gin from West Coast Distillery

West Coast Distillery

From West Coast Distillery

The West Coast Caspyn Dry Gin is a refreshing and crisp gin with a citrus undertone. A total of 12 botanical’s are infused into this gorgeous gin, including three locally foraged fynbos; Rooibos, Honeybush and Pelargonium Citronellum.

The West Coast Dry Gin is easy on the palate and can be enjoyed neat, as a gin and tonic or in a variation of cocktails.

West Coast Distillery

The unique design makes the bottle one of the most beautiful on the market. Decorated with an on-bottle organic print. The octopus inspired design creates a life-like magnification that wraps around the bottle, always adapting to different light and environment. Caspyn comes in a beautiful double box packaging so just unveiling your bottle is an experience itself!

West Coast Distillery

I say

I tried this gin without reading up about it as I wanted to experience it, almost as a blind taste test. I do however have to admit that the gorgeous packaging already scored some major points on the gin scale! I always try a new gin with an indian tonic just for reference.

On the first sip I guessed it, it has fynbos! Fynbos is one of my favourite botanicals for gin and I can immediately tell. The gin also has a really fresh burst and I found it refreshing, a perfect summer gin and I can see why it was awarded Gold at the SA Gin awards.

Belladonna Night Shade Gin from West Coast Distillery

West Coast Distillery

From West Coast Distillery

Belladonna Nightshade Gin has a complex but well balanced flavour profile. The distillation process brings out a juniper forward profile, with subtle floral and citrus notes in the background.

The nightshade berries are infused after distillation adding sweet and fruity tart flavours that sit right next to the juniper in a contemporary manner. These fresh, and slightly sweet, flavours linger in the mouth.

The colour reaction of this gin goes from a light violet/lilac colour when poured from the bottle, to a deep and striking pink when tonic is added. The colour reaction is due to the acidic PH levels of the tonic reacting with the more base levels of the infused berries. All natural, no additives, chemicals or colorants added.

West Coast Distilleries

PS – Nightshade berries are shrouded in mystery and are historically famous for being used in everything from beautifying eye drops to anaesthetics, magical potions and even poisons. The Nightshade gin gets made from the black nightshade and is perfectly safe to consume!

I say

This is the most unique gin bottle I’ve seen so far, I really love the long neck, it gives you this entire potion feel. If you’re a huge Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock fan like a I am you probably saw the movie Practical Magic back in the day. This gin just keeps reminding me of it. Belladonna, which is used in the movie, the bottle looks like a potion bottle AND the big finale, the gin changes colour, how much more magic than that do you need?!

West Coast Distillery

I really love the botanicals in this gin, it’s fruity and refreshing, a definite must for summer and if you’re having guests over during the festive season you can wow them with the colour changing magic. I recommend this with a good quality indian craft tonic for the best taste sensation.

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