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Birthday Wishlist 2019 { Beauty & Lifestyle and a Gin List! }

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This year has flown past and we’re already past the halfway mark of the year. Which also means that my birthday is around the corner. The 7th of August is less than a month away. This year around 36 is winking at me and I’m probably on the wrong side of being in my 30s. I’ve had to do lot of reflection this year, but let’s not dwell on that! Let’s rather get to the fun part of this post.

As in true blogger tradition I’m going to share my wish/lust list. Just also keep in mind I’m not expecting or hinting for any of these items, it’s just a list of products I’ve been wanting and lusting after. What I truly want for my birthday is a great day with family and friends with good food and cake!

Beauty & Lifestyle Wishlist

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  1. Stila After Hours Eyeshadow Palette – Since this beauty launched recently I’ve been eyeing it. The shades are all gorgeous and it packs just enough shimmer.
  2. Le Creuset Heart Ramekins with Lids – I love to bake and owning ramkins has been on my kitchen list for a while. I’d love to try making minis of some of my favourites.
  3. Le Creuset Stainless Steel Tongs – I’m obsessed with cooking shows and I’ve decided this is one kitchen item I’m in desperate need of!
  4. S-Cape Mini Tabletop Tripod (Takealot) – The tripod I currently used to belong to my grandfather, I love having it but it’s really outdated, having a mini tabletop tripod will make blog and instagram photography so much easier.
  5. Samsara Be Truthful Stack (Tora Grace) – You can never have to many Samsara bracelets in your stack and these are just great reminders.
  6. Luxe Leather Galaxy Earrings (Tora Grace) – The new collaboration launch from Tora Grace is just so beautiful
  7. Harry Potter Neuvo Satchel Bag (Typo) – I’m a real Potter Head and this new collection at Typo is everything!
  8. A Spa Treatment – I would love to go for a massage at a spa, I haven’t been in ages and I think after this crazy year so far it’s a must on my list.
  9. Urban Decay On The Run Mini Palette Shortcut – I’m collecting Urban Decay palettes and I’d love to add this one to my collection. The shades are a bit out of my comfort zone so it will be a good addition.
  10. Urban Decay Troublemaker Eye Pencil and Mascara Duo – Mascara was the very first item of makeup I owned and I’m always on the hunt for new ones that excite me, I haven’t used an UD mascara yet.
  11. Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done – I’m not a big fan of foundations but I love a good BB cream, I haven’t been able to get my hands on my favourite one so I’ve been shopping around for a new favourite.
  12. Country Road Nia Large Reusable Cup in Dust Pink (Woolworths) – This cup is so pretty and with trying to reduce plastic use this will be a nice travel companion for yummy take away coffee.

South African Craft Gin Wishlist

This isn’t your average wish list! But I’ve tried some of the gins on this list and would love to have a full bottle, other’s are recommendations from other gin lovers so I’m sure I’ll love them. These are all South African Crafted Gins.

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  1. Victoria Handcrafted Amber Gin – This rich, aromatic Amber Gin from Victoria stands out with its luxrious golden colour and delicate fynbos notes.
  2. Victoria Classic Pink Gin – This beautifully blush Classic Pink Gin from Victoria derives its gorgeous colour from a fruity infusion of raspberries.
  3. Phantom Gin – This London Dry style gin is handcrafted from botanicals sourced from Knysna and infused with natural fulvic trace minerals that lend to its unique earthy colour.
  4. Musgrave Pink Gin – Musgrave Gin is born out of the flavours and history of Africa and its ancient spice route.
  5. Black Mountain Karoo Flora Gin – This floral Karoo Gin is crafted with thirteen botanicals including juniper berries, citrus zest, wild anise flowers, elderflower, sweet thorn flowers and rose petals
  6. Cape Fynbos Gin – Small batch, quadruple copper distilled gin, made from 33 sustainably hand-harvested botanicals make up the bouquet of this very fine fynbos gin.
  7. Inverroche Verdant Gin – Infused with fynbos from the mountainous terrain of the Cape Floral Kingdom, Inverroche Gin Verdant is floral and soft with a translucent golden-green hue.
  8. Six Dogs Blue – The infusion of the blue tea plant lends this unique gin its natural blue colour. With the addition of a good tonic, the colour changes to a light pink.
  9. Sugarbird Pino and Pelargonium Gin – Enter Pino & Pelargonium. A gin that celebrates two of South Africa’s most famous botanicals: Pinotage, a globally-loved South African grape varietal; and Pela

What have been some of your recent lust list items? And if you’re a gin lover let me know what’s your favourite!

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