Why Cats Can Keep You Feline Good!

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For those who have never known the joy of sharing a home with a cat, this post may seem a little irrelevant. However, you should read on to find out the joys of moggy ownership. Being responsible for another living creature changes you as a human being. Suddenly you become more weepy at animated films with animals in like the Lion King, you are more tolerant of other four legged creatures and you begin to understand why people see their pets as part of the family as much as tiny human beings. Having a feline in the home really is an effective way to lift your mood, and to keep you feeling healthy and happy. Read on to find out how cats are great house buddies to have.

They Don’t Need (Too) Much Looking After

The best thing about a cat is that she will always need her own space. Unlike a dog that may stick to you like a limpet, require three walks a day and has severe fear of missing out syndrome, a feline will be the total opposite. Sure they will display the 10 signs your cat actually loves you, but they will also be aloof and leave you in peace to go about your daily business. While they may curl up on your lap for some chin rubs or they might come and nuzzle your legs to tell you that it’s time for food, they won’t mind if you need to head to the shops or if their food is an hour later than usual. Cats settle into your environment and living arrangements very easily.

Affection is very much on their terms. Put your hand down to give your moggy a stroke and she might walk away wondering what on Earth you are doing trying to touch her. But then ten minutes later she is writhing across your feet wondering why you aren’t paying her enough attention. Cats keep you on your toes and are fun to have around.

Cats, Why Cats Can Keep You Feline Good!, Absolutely Life

Their Positions

Cats are renowned for finding themselves in the oddest of spots, especially when they are kittens. It’s not unheard of to return home from work only to realize that the cat is missing. You might hunt high and low, scouring the streets and get the printer ready for the ‘missing cat’ posters only to find her twelve hours later curled up and sleeping in the laundry basket. Cats can sleep curled up on a shelf, on their backs in front of the fire, or on your bed. They find themselves wherever they choose because they see your home as their environment that you are encroaching on. While you might think of your cat as a lodger, she sees you very much as the intruder.

Cats can’t fail to make you laugh. Have you ever tried to have a shower when looking after a cat? They will refuse strokes, want their own space and be eager head outdoors for some mouse hunting time, only for you to head up to the bathroom and for them to decide that they will scratch the door, meow and make it seem like you have deserted them forever. You might feel so guilty that you leap out of the shower without rinsing your hair, only for the moggy to smirk and wander off. The joy of cats cannot be underestimated.

Cats, Why Cats Can Keep You Feline Good!, Absolutely Life

Photo by Ihsan Aditya from Pexels

Cats are wonderful creatures full of love. If you are considering pet ownership, a feline companion could be just what you are looking for.

Cats, Why Cats Can Keep You Feline Good!, Absolutely Life
Cats, Why Cats Can Keep You Feline Good!, Absolutely Life

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