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  • Can A Dog Help Improve Your Life When You’re Depressed?

    Can A Dog Help Improve Your Life When You’re Depressed?

    We all end up feeling depressed now and again; it just seems to be a mainstay of the modern world. But rather than feel like it can come and go it’s important that we make the appropriate investments within ourselves so that we are fighting fit to the best of our ability. This can mean a few lifestyle changes, but also having more formative influences in our lives. You may not think it, but owning a dog is one of those things that can help to alleviate depression. If you’re someone who is prone to depressive episodes, or you are on your own a lot, having a dog can improve your life in so many ways. What are these?

    Can A Dog Help Improve Your Life When You're Depressed? 16

    The Health Benefits

    It appears that dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and have fewer heart problems. This could be very much due to the fact that you are more active with a dog but because you have a dog that wants to get out, and doesn’t lie around all day, you naturally have more responsibility on your shoulders. Having a dog that doesn’t get out means that they are more difficult to put up with. And because you get out more…

    You Become More Sociable

    Dogs want to go out, socialize, play, and it’s a great thing for us. Even if we may not feel like having much of a conversation with people about our own feelings, the great thing with dog owners is that they can just talk about the dogs all day. It’s a lovely way to get more sociable and to have small doses of conversation that doesn’t focus on negative subjects. And the more you do this, this becomes a regular social activity if you see the same dog walkers again and again. And as time goes on, you can feel the temptation to make yourself a bit more presentable for going outside. You could extend this to your dog, and investing some stylish dog leads, but also, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes that makes it easier to walk. And while it’s not easy to get out when you’re feeling in a low mood…

    Can A Dog Help Improve Your Life When You're Depressed? 17

    The Responsibility For Something Else

    Feeling depressed is a very insular mindset. Sometimes we can struggle to shake it off. And if we have a responsibility for someone or something else, this can shift our focus for just long enough that we could feel a glimmer of hope. And even from the perspective of a dog, they can help people that have low mood. In fact, there have been trained dogs that can help people suffering from PTSD. The great thing about a dog is that they offer unconditional love. And if you feel that the Big D has driven a lot of people away, your dog will still come back to you again and again. And this is a very humbling thing.

    A dog can help improve our lives in so many ways, and if we feel any sense of depression or anxiety, this could provide an answer.

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