Pets Mean Pounds

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When you become a pet owner there’s so much to consider but primarily you’re thinking about how much you love your new best friend. Still, at the back of your mind you will have considered the cost of taking on a new addition to your household. In this article, we take a look at some of the financial factors you might want to consider before you sign on the dotted line of pet ownership.

Pets Mean Pounds, Pets Mean Pounds, Absolutely Life

The Day-to-Day

Whether you have a dog or cat, the biggest recurring expense is, of course, food. The more pets you have the greater this bill is going to be and you’ll be looking at different types of food depending on your pet’s age.

Take a look at how much you’re likely to spend each month and shop around using price comparison sites to see where you can pick up food bargains. You might even find an online outlet that sells your preferred brand at a cheaper price for bulk orders.

With a dog there are other factors to consider too. If you can’t be at home to walk him will you hire a dog walker to take him out for his daily run around the park? If not, how will you factor in some exercise for your little bundle of energy? Can you work from home or slip out for an hour at lunchtime?


You want your pet in tip-top condition so regular worming and flea treatments are going to start featuring in your budget. As pets age they’re likely to need vet services more frequently and the costs can add up. Factor in insurance and check out price comparison sites again to find the best pet insurance for your best friend.

The premiums are likely to go up as your pet ages so consider getting lifetime cover to try and reduce the costs.

Pets Mean Pounds, Pets Mean Pounds, Absolutely Life


From bedding to leads and toys there are always the little extras you can add on but one final point to consider is how much boarding your pet might cost if you need to leave them at home for a week or two. It’s well worth finding out ahead of time if you’ve got a dog or cat friendly friend or neighbour who might consider calling in daily to take care of your pet when you’re away rather than sending them to a kennel or cattery.

Our pets mean the world to us and no one wants to have them rehomed because of the expense. Figure out a monthly budget and regularly shop around to find the best bargain on food, litter and so on. With some careful planning you might even be able to give your pet a new toy or little treat every now and again. Owning a pet can be expensive but having a loyal and loving companion to come home to at the end of each day is an expense well worth taking on. Invest in your pet, they’re one in a million.

Pets Mean Pounds, Pets Mean Pounds, Absolutely Life
Pets Mean Pounds, Pets Mean Pounds, Absolutely Life

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