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Dentyl Dual Action Shaking Up Summer

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I have a super sensitive everything, there I said it, my skin, my scalp my stomach even! This doesn’t exclude my mouth either and the reason I haven’t really been using any mouthwash. They usually sting and burn so much that I have to spit it out after about 10 seconds because I have tears rolling down my cheeks and it feels like I’m about to blow flames out my nostrils. This is until Dentyl Dual Action along and shook up my summer with their Dentyl Summer Shake Up!

From Dentyl Dual Action

Dentyl Dual Action is alcohol fee and has a distinctive two phase formula to fight plaque and freshen breath (for up to 12 hours!). It’s suitable for adults and children (6 years & older). Simply shake to activate and combine the two phases, then swish and rinse. Dentyl Dual Action lifts bacteria and plaque from the teeth and gums. For visible proof, look in the sink! It’s the two phases that makes Dentyl Dual Action so effective yet gentle.

Dentyl Dual Action Shaking Up Summer 1

Aqua-based antibacterial phase one helps remove bacteria; phase two contains natural essential oils that help gently moisturise oral tissue. Because it’s alcohol-free, Dentyl Dual Action doesn’t sting or dry out the mouth. It contains fluoride to support healthy teeth and gums.

My DDentyl Dual Action Shake Up

I got sent two of the flavours to try, Fresh Clove and Smooth Mint. The first thing I noticed that as soon as you did your shake up there is so many gorgeous sparkles swishing around the bottle. Now I don’t know about you, but I love anything that sparkles!

As promised my mouth didn’t sting one bit. I have to add I’m not a fan of the clove flavour as it smells and tastes to much like the dentist (obviously the dentist had his hand in my mouth but I promise I didn’t bite him) The smooth mint on the other hand gets two thumbs up. My bottle of Dentyl Smooth mint is now proudly sitting next to the sink and I get to see the sparkles each time I shake it up. The clove flavour is now living in my brother’s bathroom.

Dentyl Dual Action Shaking Up Summer 2

Pricing and Stockists

Dentyl Dual Action  comes in four flavours: Fresh Clove; Smooth Mint; Icy Cherry and Icy Mint. The 500 ml has a recommended retail price of R82.95 and is available from Dis-Chem, Clicks, selected Pick n Pay, Checkers, Spar & pharmacies. I saw a buy one get one free at Dis-Chem as well which can save you some bucks if you want to stock up.

Dentyl Dual Action Shaking Up Summer 3

For best results

  • Shake Dentyl Dual Action vigorously to mix and activate the two phase formula
  • Pour a half cap measure and rinse for 30 seconds
  • Gargle and swish around the mouth
  • See visible results in the sink
  • Do not dilute
  • Refrain from eating or drinking for about half an hour after use
Dentyl Dual Action Shaking Up Summer 4



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