Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty

Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty

AI Beauty Aesthetic Center offers its clients a world class medical beauty and aesthetic experience in Johannesburg. They’re now stepping into the market with skincare and they’ve kindly sent me their Anti-Ageing Hydrating Mask to try. I’ve always been lucky with great skin. I’ve never had to worry about breakouts and early aging but now that I’ve hit the 35 year mark I’ve noticed that even tho I have combination skin that my skin needs much more hydration than it did in my early 30’s.

Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask

The Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask is a sheet mask that contains natural plant extracts that’s blended with active moisturizing ingredients.  Wild Tremella is rich in micro elements and small water molecules that deeply penetrates your skin to release a continues flow of moisture to replenish your skin.


How To Use the Mask

After cleaning your skin you apply this sheet mask just like any other. Let the mask sit on your skin for 15 minutes.  What makes this one different to other sheet masks I’ve used before is that you need to wipe off the excess or rinse your face with water.

Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty

My Thoughts

The packaging is a little hard to open so I’d suggest keeping scissors on hand. Just be careful not to cut the mask to bits. The first thing that struck me is at how amazing the mask smells! It has a delicious floral scent, I’ve used sheet masks before that smelled horribly of chemicals so this was really refreshing and ads to the “spa at home” feeling.

The mask is drenched in all the good stuff. I found the fit of the mask good as well. Many sheet masks has super large eye, nose and mouth partitions resulting in me struggling and even having my mouth and nose sticking through the same peep hole.

After use and wiping the excess my skin felt smooth, supple and super hydrated. There was no sticky feel to my skin. As you can see my skin looks brighter as well. The photos where all taken in the exact same spot with the same lighting within the same time period.

Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty


These masks will be available in Dischem, Clicks and Sorbet from November 2018 and will retail for R56 each or R280 for a pack of 5. You can inbox them as well on their instagram page  over here for purchasing in the meantime.

Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty
Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty

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  1. Biophase Anti-Aging Hydrating Mask by AI Beauty 27/09/2018 / 12:06

    These sound fantastic and I love that it has a nice scent.
    R56 isn’t badly priced either so I’m definitely keen to try them.
    Great review hun xx