The Differences In Canine Care: Puppies Vs Dogs

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Puppies are just tiny version of dogs, right, and therefore you can treat them the same? Well, no actually, to the treatment bit, because, of course, puppies are small dogs. What else would they be? Anyway, back to the question in hand. There are some significant differences in the way you need to care for a puppy rather than a full grown dog. Lucky you can find out what they are below.


It makes sense to feed puppies in a different way to dogs, but not everyone is sure how to get this right. Well, for one, you will need to look into what the best dog food for puppies is, as they need nutrition that is smaller, and easier to chew while also being higher in vitamins and protein. This is because puppies grow at such as fast rate and you will need to feed them to fuel this.

Of course, you also need to consider the right type of food for their size and breed and make sure that you are feeding them the correct size portion, and in the right kind of bowl. Something you can learn more about in the video below.


Your pup will likely be full of beans and ready to play at any given time, although you will also notice that they will fall asleep quickly and just about anywhere as soon as they get tired.

This duality of behaviour is something to be aware of because it plays into how you will exercise them. Yes, puppies will need lots of walks. But remember that they have smaller legs than their full-grown counterparts and so may not be able to go as far as a mature dog.

Also, do remember that your pup needs its shots before it can go outside to walk, and don’t let it off of the leash if you are not confident it will return, as this can be dangerous for pup and others.

Puppies Vs Dogs, The Differences In Canine Care: Puppies Vs Dogs, Absolutely Life

Training and interaction

Puppies tend to need a lot of training, especially if you want them to respond to your commands and be able to walk off the leash. Of course, usually by the time dogs are full grown they have been through their training process. And so they only need a quick refresher, now and then. Something it is worth bearing in mind if you don’t have the time or energy to put into a new puppy.

Also, pups will need more interaction and physical care than a full grown dog. They may not yet be fully toilet trained. And they will also need a lot of affection and attention when they are young. Something that means if at all possible it’s best not to leave them for a long time or when on vacation, as it can cause some severe emotional suffering.

Puppies Vs Dogs, The Differences In Canine Care: Puppies Vs Dogs, Absolutely Life


In conclusion, caring for a puppy can be quite different than looking after an older dog. It is therefore essential to consider this before you bring a tiny little bundle of canine joy into your life.

Puppies Vs Dogs, The Differences In Canine Care: Puppies Vs Dogs, Absolutely Life
Puppies Vs Dogs, The Differences In Canine Care: Puppies Vs Dogs, Absolutely Life

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