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Birthday Wishlist 2018

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In true blogger tradition it’s that one time of the year that I can wish for things out loud. My birthday is on the 7th of August and I’m turning 35. That’s in just over 3 weeks and these are the items I’ve had my heart on for a while. Just note I don’t expect any of these items, I just love that I can put all the pretty things I want on one page. I also always love reading what other bloggers have on their lists.

You will notice a huge difference in the items from my previous lists, where it’s been all beauty and gradually evolved just as my blog did to include everyday lifestyle items. And because it’s just a wishlist it’s also including some ridiculously expensive items!

Birthday Wishlist 2018

Birthday Wishlist 2018 1

  1.  The Perception Palette from Colourpop -I really love the shadow shades from this palette and it has so many shades that I don’t have in some of my current palettes that I’d actually use like the olive green and metallic navy.
  2. The gorgeous perfume has been on my wishlist for over two years now. I have a sample size that I cherish and only use on very special occasions. Lancome La Vie Est Belle is just absolutely magical.
  3. I’ve had my eye on a Gorillapod Tripod for a while now, I’d love to up my blog photography game but the tripod I’m using now belonged to my grandfather and is very bulky so I struggle a bit with it.
  4. Orchids are one of my favourite flowers and I’d love one with two stems. Double the flowers right?! The one in the image above is from Woolies.
  5. Being a huge Urban Decay fan no wishlist can be complete without something from their store. The new Born To Run palette has my name written all over it.
  6. Lush Lush Lush! Need I say more? I’d love to try one of the new Turtle Jelly Bombs and the Butterfly Gift Box has thee gorgeous items.
  7. I’ve been doing a lot of baking for a restaurant in the area and owning one of these nifty Kitchen Craft Electric Scales will make my live so much easier. And it’s really pretty too.
  8. Ever since Philips launced their airfryers I’ve wanted one. I love fried foods but I try and avoid them because the’re so unhealthy. Having this baby will give me best of both worlds.
  9. I’m a huge fan of Glam Glow and his set includes two of my favourites and some I haven’t tried yet.
  10. Tora Grace is one of my favourite jewellery stores because what they put onto their items just speaks to me so much. I have two Samsara bracelets, one in silver and one in rose gold so I’d like to finish my set with this gold band engraved with “My Circus, My Monkeys” It’s one of my and brother’s favourite sayings. The other item I’d love from them is the “I am Me” chunky bar silver necklace.
  11. Just Add Rice by Ming-Cheau Lin. I love cookbooks and I haven’t gotten myself a new one in a while and this one looks so exciting.
  12. You’re probably going to laugh at this one but yes, I have a Vintage Edison light bulb on my wishlist. This Carbon Filament Tubular Light Bulb will look great on the wooden light fitting I’ve attached to my wall.
  13. These two storage boxes are available at Typo. The larger one I want to use to store my makeup in. I’m not a very big fan of the acrylic storage units, the smaller one will be great for bits and bobs.
  14. I’ve always wanted a mortar and pestle and so why not add it to my wishlist. This specific design is from Yuppiechef and it’s totally badass.

Do you have any of the items I’m wishing for or are any of them on your wishlist? Leave a comment and let me know!

Birthday Wishlist 2018 2



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  1. Azraa Mohamed

    I love the look of those storage boxes from Typo. And I can fully agree on the airfryer, we use ours all of the time!

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      The boxes are so pretty hey?! I think if I do end up getting the airfryer the oven might need to go into storage haha

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