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I had a Vitamin Drip at Beauty & Curves

Yes you read right, I voluntarily had a drip placed in my arm for the science of beauty. A vitamin drip. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we get to how everything went down at the Beauty & Curves IV Drip Bar let’s find out about the who, what and where!

What happens at a Drip Bar?

Intravenous (IV) therapy or Infusion therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants directly into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies and help numerous health concerns.

The infusion will be put up and monitored by trained registered nurses. A doctor will always be available on site for assistance if necessary. IV Therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that is well tolerated by most people. A very small ‘butterfly’ needle or a micro-catheter is used to infuse the prescribed supplements.

How do I know if it’s for me?

Make an appointment to consult with one of the highly trained doctors at Beauty and Curves. They will assist you in determining what IV infusion would be appropriate for you. In addition, your risk factors will be evaluated and how best to prevent any problems or conditions, that you may be susceptible to, will be recommended.

My Consultation

Upon arrival at Beauty & Curves I filled out a form as you would at any doctors office. After waiting for a while. Dr Fatima Bhabha popped into the treatment room for a quick consultation on what my skin and health concerns are and what chronic medication I’m on. We decided on a treatment to make me glowy. I then had to read and sign a consent form. This form addressed all the questions I had regarding possible side-effects and after care. Dr Fatima then removed the saline filled drip bag from the drip stand in the treatment room to inject it with the vitamin cocktail we discussed.

What was in my Vitamin Drip Cocktail

A combination of powerful anti-oxidants such as glutathione with vitamins, minerals and fluids. This will hydrate the skin and reduce melanin production. Glutathione is an extremely effective antioxidant comprised of three essential amino acids. It plays a major role in helping your liver detoxify harmful chemicals by binding to the toxins, facilitating their easy elimination. The drip contained vitamin C as well. Other benefits include:

  • Immune system boosting
  • Detox
  • More Energy
  • Less allergic reaction
  • Anti-Aging
  • Decreased frequency and severity of flu
  • Better mood and sleep
  • Improved glucose control
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Improvement in liver disease
  • Improved Parkinson’s disease symptoms
  • Improvement in malacular degeneration
  • Protection against toxicity from certain chemotherapeutic agents

The Process

After the consultation Dr. Fatima Bhabha administered the drip. She easily found a vein in my hand, I only felt a little pinch. I was super happy that it was in my hand and not in my arm so I could still move around without worrying about pushing the needle through my vein. As the drip started entering my vein I felt a cold sensation but it didn’t last long. The drip was empty in about an hour. Because it was my first time the drip was set slower than what they normally do. When it was time for the drip to come out things got a little more sore, as the nurse removed the drip it hurt like no one’s business! I’m not sure if it was supposed to hurt or if I’m just sensitive to pain, or being poked with a needle.


I have to say that I felt more at ease afterwards. Also my lips aren’t as dry as they were. I have to say I’m really impressed at how much my skin is glowing, it’s extremely radiant. I’m closely monitoring my skin’s hydration as well. A vitamin drip at Beauty & Curves will cost between R900 and R1300 depending on what is in the cocktail and it’s definitely something I’d love to go for again. You can read more about their services over on their website.

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  1. Katya

    This sounds like a pretty fascinating process to try. It looks like it is something worthwhile. You look amazing.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  2. Nisa

    Ah I’m so sad I couldn’t join Ilona as her guest that day. You’re lucky to have gone with her. These drips are the bomb.

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      Ah no, I was invited to try it, we just booked on the same day because it was more convenient. But they really are great.

  3. Candice

    This sounds amazing, exactly what I need.

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      It’s really great, you won’t regret if you go!

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