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“Singa” For The Moment! What You Will Learn By Living In Singapore For A Month

If you want to move to another country, the dream is always better than the reality. This is what most people will tell you, and it’s far from the truth, but if you want to find out what it’s like to live somewhere, then why don’t you try out the place? There are so many of us who have a restless spirit, and need to embrace the nomadic sensibilities in life. Those people hop from country to country, and never truly settle in one place. But, taking the try before you buy methods to living somewhere is a great suggestion.

It gives you a proper impression of the place, and you experience what it’s like, not from a tourist’s perspective, but a real, unbiased opinion from yourself. One of those places that has had an influx of people moving there is Singapore. You can see many websites dedicated to expats living in Singapore and embracing the hot and humid temperatures, diverse culture, and the native way of life. So, if you were to live in Singapore for a short period of time, like a month, what would you expect?

Everybody Speaks Your Lingo

You might consider yourself to be a foreigner in a foreign land, but in actual fact, the majority of people there speak English. Not only this, but the street signs and the people you will come into contact with on a general basis are able to converse in English. That makes life so much easier, especially when you compare the foreign struggles of getting around most countries incredibly frustrating, and having to resort to speaking at a volume twice as loud in the hope that people will understand what you’re talking about!

They call Singapore Asia Light, because the vast majority of people do speak English there. So, even if you encounter someone who is unable to utter a word of English, you will find someone else quickly enough. As far as living in a different land is concerned, being able to speak the lingo is more than half the battle!

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There Is Access To Other Parts Of The World

Singapore is a very small country, which makes it limited as far as exploring the landscape is concerned. But the overriding benefit of Singapore is that there is access to other Asian countries. Once you have explored everything about Singapore, this can take up to six months, but if you’re living in the country, you can easily elongate this to a year or two. From Singapore, you have access points to Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia. So, setting up camp in a Singapore duplex, and using it as a springboard to other countries nearby, makes Singapore a perfect place to set up camp. And, when you consider that Singapore is a small country, this does give it a sense of comfort, especially when it comes to feeling secure…

It’s Surprisingly Safe

One of the biggest concerns for anybody going to a foreign country is how exposed you can feel, especially with regards to theft. But, because Singapore has such a severe set of punishments for crimes committed, this doesn’t contribute to the feeling of being watched all the time. In fact, you feel much safer! There is a feeling that the police are hardly ever around, but in fact, if there is trouble, the police are quick to the scene, and are usually dressed in civilian clothes. So rather than feeling like it’s bereft of law enforcement, it’s actually very much the opposite.

It’s Hot!

One of the benefits of moving to a foreign country in the Far East is that you will get your fair share of hot weather. Generally, you’re looking at 90 degrees Fahrenheit on an average day, and the low 80s are considered to be generally chilly. Now, if you are of a sunny disposition, this is, no doubt, music to your ears. But the heat can be quite an acclimatization at first, so make sure you pack the essentials that keep you comfy, but also cool. One of the benefits in living in extremely hot temperatures is that you will feel an overwhelming compulsion to visit the beach every moment of every day! Good thing or a bad thing? You decide.

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The Food Is Amazing

And while living in a foreign country can feel like you are a stranger in strange lands, but seeing as the language barrier is more than sufficiently leaped over, the three square meals you eat everyday will prove to be another barrier you can easily hop over. The food, to put it simply, is incredible. From spicy, to exotic, to simple, your choice is varied and incredibly tasty.

Living in Singapore for a month means you can have a meal out three times a day, but without going extremely over budget. There are so many street food vendors that you can go and pick up a delicate, tasty, but also inexpensive dish before you head on your merry way. If you’re looking for a meal where you can sit down in a restaurant and enjoy the sights, the Marina Bay area has become a key draw for locals and tourists alike. Not only this, there also is a thriving cafe culture, so if you are looking for meals like scrambled eggs on toast, or a hearty brunch, that is served all day, you really don’t have to travel far.

To experience a place, you need to spend more than a couple of weeks there. Singapore demands you spend at least a month there, and by getting a good idea of where you want to go to next, Singapore provides one of those perfect start-off points. The culture is diverse, the food is amazing, but you’ve got a quality of life out there that is enviable. Living in Singapore for a month is more than an adequate amount of time to get a true impression of the country as a whole, but to also have some amazing experiences while you are there. People consider living day to day a tough time, but in living in Singapore, it will feel like an absolute pleasure.

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