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I’ve probably been living under a rock because until recently I haven’t heard of Dr. Dermal. Shocking right! But that all changed and the more I found out about the brand the more I like it. They’ve also been kind enough to send me two of their products to try and a discount code for you guys. So let’s look at Dr. Dermal as a brand as well as at the two product’s I’ll be testing. My skin concerns include enlarged pores, dry patches even tho I have an oily t-zone and eczema hot spots and I would love to achieve smoother skin and healthy glowing skin.

Dr. Dermal Cosmeceutical

Dr. Dermal is an award-winning cosmeceutical (a cosmetic that has or is claimed to have medicinal properties) range that was developed by a passionate team of skin care professionals. They’re a South African company and was established in 2015. Their awards include:

  • 2016 Editors Choice Award – SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review
  • 2016 First Runner Up in Range Category – SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review
  • 2017 First Runner Up Packaging – SA Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review

Dr. Dermal produces safe and effective skincare products that maintain healthy skin and target anti-aging. Their formulations are based on years of extensive research, in collaboration with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, chemists and industry professionals from around the world.  Their rigorous clinical trials and proven results are conducted with utmost integrity and reflect their passion for excellence in ethical skincare.

Dr. Dermal, Let’s say Hello to Dr. Dermal + Discount Code, Absolutely Life

Dr. Dermal MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair

This little bottle is incredibly powerful with 5% micro-encapsulated retinol. It also has a blend of essential fatty acids, ceramides and liposomal peptides that will restore and nourish my skin.

What’s in it?

  • Microencapsulated retinol – pure retinol is encased in a shell that preserves the potency of the retinol and releases it over time making it more tolerable to your skin. Retinol is renowned for its anti-ageing abilities and potential to reduce the signs of ageing, appearance of blemishes, clearing congested skin and more.
  • Ceramides – essential lipids that improve your skin’s cellular integrity and moisture levels.
  • Essential fatty acids – fatty acids are essential for your cell function and structure.
  • Peptides – potent peptides that stimulate collagen production and DNA repair.
  • Antioxidants – scavenge free radicals and reduce oxidative damage.

Dr. Dermal, Let’s say Hello to Dr. Dermal + Discount Code, Absolutely Life

What’s it for?

Skin rejuvenation & anti-ageing and problem or congested skins. This light lotion is what will give me that glowing skin. RSP – R895

Dr. Dermal IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma

This ingenious product amplifies the effect of your sunblock by up to 8 fold, and increases your skin’s own natural defenses against UV exposure. Clinically proven to protect against skin cancer, high concentrations of vitamin C has other benefits as well such as reduction in the appearance of sun spots, pigmentation and brightening of dull skin.

What’s in it?

  • Micronised L-Ascorbic Acid – This is the only form of vitamin C your skin can readily use, meaning it is bio-available.
  • Ferulic Acid – An antioxidant that preserves the antioxidant potential of ascorbic acid.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – aAsuper antioxidant that preserves the antioxidant potential of other antioxidants.

Dr. Dermal, Let’s say Hello to Dr. Dermal + Discount Code, Absolutely Life

What’s it for?

Skin rejuvenation & anti-ageing, brightening skin, environmental protection and reduction in appearance of spots / blemishes. This serum will plump my skin up, even tho wrinkles aren’t a big concern of mine (the comes with age and compliment your grey hair) RSP – R875

Save 5% on Dr. Dermal!

So for the next couple of weeks I will be testing these above mentioned two products. If you have similar skin concerns as I mentioned at the start of the post Dr. Dermal. You can save 5% to using my code LIZNA5 when making a purchase from their site. They also always have free shipping!

Dr. Dermal, Let’s say Hello to Dr. Dermal + Discount Code, Absolutely Life
Dr. Dermal, Let’s say Hello to Dr. Dermal + Discount Code, Absolutely Life

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Disclaimer: Dr. Dermal sent me the products free of charge and I will receive a % for each sale made using my discount code

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  1. Candice
    21/05/2018 / 13:47

    I’ve been seeing this brand pop up all over my social media. Sounds interesting.

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    • Lizna Erkelens
      22/05/2018 / 16:43

      It’s really a very nice luxury procduct!

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