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Oh So Heavenly’s New Fabulous Foot Spa Range

I have horribly dry and cracked feet. Yes there I said it. It’s gross I know, but what can I say? During winter I have soft feet but come summer my feet look horrible. The Dutch probably describe it best. Kloven, voet kloven. That directly translates to feet gorges, it’s a pretty decent description! One of the few products that doesn’t break the bank and actually helps is the foot range from Oh So Heavenly. They have an entire new fabulous foot spa range with a ton of products.

Oh So Heavenly’s New Fabulous Foot Spa Range

The range has a total of sixteen heavenly products with three different targets and three fragrances. Sole Therapy With Marine Minerals, Sole Retreat With Coconut Oil and Sole Repair With Shea Butter. The range is very extensive and has something for everything and everyone. I’m going to give you a quick rundown of all the products and a little bit extra information on the products I received for review.

Sole Therapy With Marine Minerals

This range has the most products, eight in total, making out half of the range. A Foot Soak, Foot Powder, Heel & Callus Balm, Foot & Shoe Spray, Foot Butter, Foot Scrub, Heel Repair Cream and an Overnight Foot Treatment.

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Sole Therapy Foot Powder

This foot powder provides 5-in-1 benefits to help your feet feeling cool, fresh and odor free. This powder has a really fresh minty ocean scent. The powder is very soft, it feels more like a baby powder than a cornstarch powder. I’ve noticed that with a lot of foot powders. This powder is perfect for wearing closed shoes during summer.

Sole Therapy Foot and Shoe Spray

The foot spray is really refreshing and is great for summer. My feet get really sweaty and sticky in summer when I wear flip flops. This spray refreshes my feet and cools them down right away. The spray is also acts as a disinfectant and kills germs that causes bad foot odors.

Sole Therapy Heel & Callus Balm

I gifted this one to my best friend as she really needed it and because I was gifted so many products I needed some extra help testing.

Sole Therapy Heavy Duty Foot Scrub

This is a perfect bath time companion. You can do a quick foot scrub before you get out of the bath and shower and have a few seconds of spa time. It really helps in keeping your feet soft by ridding them of dry skin.

Sole Retreat With Coconut Oil

This range contains three products and I was lucky enough to try all three of them. An indulgent foot butter, a foot soak and a 3 in 1 treatment. The scent of these is really heavenly and smells feminine, sweet and soft.

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Indulgent Foot Butter

I think out of all the products this is my favourite. It’s really rich but it doesn’t leave my feet feeling greasy. I apply this one at night before bed and can notice a huge difference in the morning. My feet are super soft.

Indulgent Foot Soak

This foot soak pampers, soothes and cleanses your feet while tickling your senses with it’s lovely sweet fragrance. Just that little extra you need for super soft feet.

Indulgent 3-in-1 Spa Pedicure

After using this one my feet felt super pampered. I really like that it deep cleanses as well as I’m forever walking without shoes. Yes I know this is probably the cause of my forever cracked heels. You just slap some onto your feet and give it 10 minutes to really sink in and do its job. Another favourite from the range.

Sole Repair with Shea Butter

Out of the entire new foot spa range these products are the most indulging. Luring you with Shea Butter. I’m a huge fan of Shea Butter. You just always get that extra pamper and moisture from products containing it. This range has five products and I think if you really struggle with your feet like I do these are the ones to invest in. There’s a foot butter, heel balm, foot cream, foot serum and a scrub. I tried two products out of this range.

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Intensively Nourishing Foot Serum

This little bottle packs a huge punch. You can apply it to the areas of your feet that needs that extra but of help. It gives extra moisture without leaving an oily residue. I apply this when I need some extra help together with the foot butter from the sole retreat range.

Intensively Nourishing Exfoliating Foot Scrub

Another perfect bath companion. I found this one left my feet more nourished than the sole therapy scrub. The formula is really rich and even after rising the goodness sticks to your feet.

My recommendations for an at home foot spa day

Here are my top picks for you to enjoy an at home spa day

  • Indulgent Foot Soak
  • Indulgent Spa Pedicure
  • Intensively Nourishing Exfoliating Foot Scrub
  • Intensively Nourishing Foot Serum
  • Indulgent Foot Butter

Have you tried any of the products from this range? I’ve fallen hook, like and sinker. The best part about this range is how affordable it is and some products start at only R30. The range is exclusively available at Clicks stores. 

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