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My best airport tips for smoother travelling

If you are a regular reader of my blog and follow me on social media you’d know that I travel to and from OR Tambo International Airport frequently. Whether it be to George or the Netherlands my main pit stop is always  OR Tambo. The biggest dislike about travelling for me is the airport wait (and the take off and landing) so today myself and Travelstart will bring you some of my airport tips and tricks.

Airport Tips and Tricks

Check in online

By checking in online you will make the process of checking in at the airport a bit faster and smoother because all your details will already be captured in the system. If you are travelling with only hand luggage you can skip the line altogether and just go through the security check. Online check-in sometimes opens up a bit earlier than what they say so keep checking from about twelve hours before the assigned time. This way you can snag your favourite seat.

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Dress comfortably

The comfier you dress the easier you will make it for yourself. Be prepared to walk far! Comfy shoes and clothes that nearly feel like pajamas are my favourite. I also go makeup free, no one really cares what you look like and the chances of you running into the same people again is very slim.

Get there early

I like checking my suitcase and going through security sooner rather than later. This way I can get a seat near the boarding gate and enjoy a snack while I wait for the boarding gates to open. The lines are usually shorter earlier as well.

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Free WiFi

Vast WiFi network offers 4 hours free access or 1GB. To connect open you web browser of choice and navigate to any website. Your browser will be redirected to the Vast login page. Choose complimentary access. You are required to register and for verification processes your email address is required. Once you’ve completed registration you can enjoy your 4 free hours or 1GB, whichever comes first.

Hand Luggage

I have a little bag that’s specifically for travel. It has many zipper pouches that gives easy access to all my necessities.  One of these pouches I use specifically for my boarding pass and identification. It sits comfortably cross body and you will be surprised at how much stuff you can cram in there. I even have a book in there to sit and read while waiting.

I like keeping a powerbank on me at all times. The one I have can provide my phone with two full charges. This way I don’t have to search and get into a brawl for a spot at an outlet. If you’re flying internationally you can charge your devices and powerbank in-flight. I also like to bring an empty water bottle. This I fill up after the security check on international flights (it comes in really handy on the flight too)

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Security Checkpoint

I got myself a laptop sleeve that protects my laptop from bumps and scratches. You don’t need to remove your laptop from these sleeves at security. I also carry my laptop in inside a reusable shopping bag. This way I don’t need to take my laptop out and put it back into my hand luggage. I re-pack this bag when I’ve found myself a seat the boarding gate. I was also on a very full flight a while ago where they ended up checking a lot of our hand luggage so I was really glad about having the extra bag for my laptop on me.

Duty Free Shopping

If you’d like to take advantage of duty-free shopping get to the airport extra early. From personal experience if you get there by the recommended time you will not have enough time to browse duty-free. PS. Buying goodies at duty-free such as wine will save you some weight in your checked luggage!

Enjoy the experience

Even tho airports are not my favourite I still try and enjoy the time I am there. There are sometimes great finds in the little tuck shops and don’t forget about people watching! That’s my favourite pastime.

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Happy travels travelbugs! Do you have any tips for surviving the airport?

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Travelstart 

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