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The Eccentric Qualities Every Good Dog Owner Should Possess

Dogs are magnificent creatures and have been our greatest pet since time began. Probably. Some breeds began their lives herding sheep on the hillsides of the Scottish Highlands. Others started as fishing dogs with the pioneers of Canada. Most dogs, no matter what size, see their origins working with humans, trying to make their lives better and easier in some way. Our canine friends are loyal, obedient and eager to please. They repay our love and affection in kind, and will always greet us from a day at work with a leap, a lick and a bark. They adore us, and we adore them. It is this symbiotic relationship that makes the dog quite rightly man’s best friend. He has earned this monocle, and thousands of pooches live up to it every single day.

When we focus on the mindset and personality of dog owners, there is a range of traits that every mutt owner should share. They should be kind, considerate, friendly and passionate about animal welfare. However, this is true of any pet owner. Dog owners are like a breed in themselves. Take a look at the eccentric qualities that every good dog owner should possess.

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Owners Look Like Their Dogs

While not true in every case, and we shouldn’t suggest that anyone looks like the unattractive Mexican hairless dog, many owners have a habit of morphing into the style of the breed that they own. It’s not too rare to see a slender curly haired poodle matched with a slim woman who has recently has a new perm.

Perhaps a more regular occurrence is the personality matching that occurs between dog and owner rather than looks. Many active, busy and hyper people enjoy owning the active and manic breed of the border collieThis breed needs a ridiculous amount of exercise just like its human counterpart. Many artistic people who are a little shy and reclusive have a tendency to own smaller mutts like the chihuahua or the pomeranian. Both of these breeds can be a little sensitive and need to be in a stress-free household.

Treating The Dog Like Another Human

There’s nothing wrong with dog owners treating their pets like another addition to their family because that’s exactly what they are. A good dog owner will talk to their beloved hound and try to decipher what it is they may be saying back to them. They impart human characteristics onto their pooches, giving them an emotional and empathetic aspects to their character that in reality, they may not have. However, the bond between owner and dog is strong. Often dogs can sense when their owners are not feeling in tip-top condition, and owners can always sense when their pets require a visit to the vet.

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Dog Owners Will Go Out Of Their Way To Please Their Pets

It doesn’t matter if it’s blowing a gale outside, if there has recently been a snow blizzard or if there are treacherous icy road surfaces, a dog owner will always endeavor to take his canine friend out for a walk. Dogs, even those that are tiny, need exercise every day. If they don’t, they can become restless, misbehave and begin scratching up furniture out of sheer frustration. Even if it means risking frostbite or a broken ankle through slipping on the iced-over standing water, a dog owner will venture out for a cautious walk with his mutt.

Every good dog owner will employ a health regime for their four-legged pal. They will have a shampoo every week, a good long brush once every three days and some Pet-Lock flea medicine every month. All the while the dog has an inherent understanding that what their owner is doing is for their benefit. They don’t wail and moan if they have to take medicine; they sit still to enjoy their brush and they’ll always end up in the bathtub no matter how long it takes to coax him in there. Dogs are intelligent creatures and appreciate what their owners do for them.

Dog Owners Love Throwing A Stick As Much As Their Dog Loves Chasing It

If you are considering getting a dog and think that you will never ever succumb to loving the game of fetch as much as a pooch, think again. Many a dog owner before you has thought that this eccentric quality is absolute nonsense. However, within a fortnight of taking your new canine buddy down the park, you are relishing in the prospect of trying to throw the stick or ball or squeaky toy as far as you possibly can to give your dog the ultimate workout. The thing with dogs, of any breed, is that they can play fetch, the most monotonous game known to man, for hours on end. They are as enthusiastic about the three hundredth throw as they were about the first. While your engagement with the activity may not last quite that long, you will still enjoy the joy that your actions bring to your pooch.

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The Hatred Of Cat Owners

As soon as someone becomes a new dog owner, they suddenly enter into a long-held rivalry with their feline counterparts. It’s nigh on unheard of to meet a dog owner who likes lovers of all things feline. You either pledge your allegiance to cat or to dog – there is no halfway house. Dog owners won’t go out of their way to spite a moggy owner, but they will probably avoid them at all costs. Dogs also tend to have an aversion to all things purring, so it makes sense that this dislike extends to their owners.

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures that the human race keeps as pets. They are loyal, active and happy animals that can bring enormous amounts of joy to the homes in which they live. It is simple logical that owning a dog will instill some eccentric yet lovable qualities into their owners.

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