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How To Convince Your Partner To Get A Pet

Once you’ve made up your mind that your getting a pet you’ll have to convince the people you live with. Looking after a pet is a big responsibility that may not even have been on your partners radar until now. Persuading your parents, siblings and housemates is one thing but telling your partner you want a pet could give off the impression that you want to take your relationship to the next level. It’s often said that getting a pet is a great way of finding out whether or not you’re ready to take on the commitments of marriage and children. It’s a big step and a great way of finding out more about each other. There’s a lot to think about. You’re going to want to have a strong case when proposing the idea so they don’t dismiss it immediately. The more you know the better. Here’s a few things that you should keep in mind so you can answer any questions they might throw at you.

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Can we afford it?

It’s true, getting a pet is a massive financial decision. A great way of deciding if you can afford it as a couple is to create a budget. Get online and source the prices of everything the data you’ve collected into a spreadsheet. You’ll be able to keep track and add on any additional costs you may have forgotten about. Add everything together to find out what your initial costs are going to be. Don’t forget those running costs as well though. A pet isn’t just a one off purchase. Create a separate spreadsheet to give you the monthly costs of your pet to find out what you can afford. Here’s a couple of costs that may have slipped your mind.

  • The cost of your new bundle of joy
  • Pet insurance
  • Veterinary bills
  • Food (your biggest expense over time)
  • Treats and toys
  • Accessories including collars and leads
  • Microchipping your pet with a gps

It’s going to be expensive but if you’ve tallied everything up and offered a few options for how you intend to cover the costs then your partner is more likely to come round to the idea.

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Cute pictures

If your partner isn’t keen at first then paint them a picture of the world they could be missing out on, cute pictures work a treat. You could leave little hints around the house with lovely notes attached. Tag them in photographs online. A constant display of love for the little creatures will prove that this isn’t just a spur of the moment thought on your behalf. The longer it takes them to be convinced the stronger you’ll have shown your desire. Also who doesn’t like to look at cute pictures of puppies and kittens anyway.

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Can we take care of a pet?

When they ask you this you’ve got to really have asked yourself a hundred times already and came up with the same answer. It really is going to be a life changing commitment. If they contract fleas what are you going to do? Get a product like Advecta to take care of them. And if something more serious goes wrong? You’ll have already established a good relationship with a local vet who will be there in times of need. Who’s going to walk the dog? You’re going to do it together and strengthen your bond but if they don’t buy this then tell them you’ll pick up the slack and do it yourself if needs be.

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Do we have the space?

Watch out you don’t buy a pet that starts off tiny then grows into a monster. Do as much research as you can on the breed of pet you want to get. They’re all different and will all have different special needs. Some animals can be extremely territorial and you may need to donate a corner of your home over to your pet. If your partner isn’t keen on letting your pet roam free around the house you could separate your home into sections. One section for humans only where you can take a breather and get a good night’s sleep.

Do we have the time?

Pets won’t just eat a hole in your wallet but also a great big chunk of your time. They will need fed regularly and domesticated house pets can’t do that by themselves. That’s right it will be you that needs to make sure your there to help. You need to be on call constantly. If you work an enormous amount or spend a lot of your time away from home you may want to reconsider your options. Unless you’ve got a job where you can bring your pet to work then great. Lead with that. You can also get automated machines now that will release food into your pets bowl for whatever time you set it to.

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Health benefits

Let your partner know how much happier and enriched their life will become with the addition of a new furry friend. It’s believed that loving animals can lower your blood pressure and create a much calmer environment in which you can reduce your levels of stress and anxiety. Having a loyal companion by your side could mean you have a lower heart rate than your peers without pets. Make sure both you and your partner don’t have any allergies you don’t know about or you could be running into major problems. Get yourself down to a local shelter and spend time with some of the animals there. This can also be a great way of breaking your partner into the idea. They might just be the one to bring it up first.

Remember that a pet is a real life living animal and not a toy. Make sure you can offer a safe caring home and most important of all your time and love. If you can do all of that then you’ll be stoking the fur of your cute new friend before you know it.

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