Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?

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If you have pets or if you love pets, you’ve probably heard of the common belief that cats are manipulative and disrespectful of their owners while dogs are a (wo)man’s best friends. For some reason, it is universally accepted that cats are evil masterminds out there to destroy humanity. Or at least that’s what a lot of cat owners begin to suspect when they accidentally trip on a cat as they were on their way to the dining table, holding a large bowl of piping hot soup. While there may not be an indication of malice, it’s fair to say that every cat owner has tales of cat-related accidents and sharp claws unexpectedly and without warning planted in their calves.

Admittedly, dogs are not sweet little angels either. Which dog owner has not lost their favorite pair of shoes to the pointy teeth of an energetic puppy? It doesn’t matter how careful you are. Young dogs need to be trained and, more often than not, you’ll have to wave goodbye to some items in your home, from the shoes to the furniture, until the training is done. However, whether you’re a dog or cat person, there are still moments when you look into their loving eyes and wonder what’s going on behind them. How well do you understand the behavior of your pet? Here’s a little guide to the most common things your cat or dog can do and what it means.

Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Absolutely Life

Your pet is morbidly obese

Just like not everybody is super skinny fit, not all pets are super slim. Some pets, especially old dogs or house cats, might even rounder than others. However, you need to be very careful not to let your pet get too fat. As a pet owner, you are responsible for their health, and consequently what they eat depends entirely on you. It is irresponsible to overfeed your furry friend, and potentially dangerous too. If this is the case, you will need to introduce specifically designed diet food to help your pet lose weight. However, there are situations where it can be difficult to know what to do. Some animals tend to pester their owners for food. Indeed, some cats might miaow excessively and rub themselves against their owner’s ankles when dinner time approaches. According to vets, this behavior is a psychogenic abnormality called excessive solicitation. Similar behavior can be found in some dogs. More often than not, you could correct this behavior by giving your pet more attention through t stroking and playing throughout the day, which will limit the assumption that feeding is the only time the pet can interact with you.

Stop scratching!

Let’s be honest; pets often scratch and lick themselves. More often than not, it is a natural grooming behavior. After not, it’s your pet’s shower! But when does scratching or licking become too much? If your dog or cat grooms to the point of self-harm, it’s a sign that there’s a health issue. Hair loss or located bleeding can occur in overgrooming cases. Your pet can overgroom for a variety of reasons. Cats sensitive skin can become irritated as a result of flea bites. If this is the case, PetAction cat flea medicine and local treatment can soothe your pet’s itch. But scratching can also be a psychological behavior as a response to a stressful or upsetting situation, such as changing home for example. Check for bites to define the best treatment.

Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Absolutely Life

Why is my cat biting me?

So you were having a moment with your cat, and suddenly your furry friend turned against you and started to bite you? What’s wrong with your pet? Let’s get things right: Your cat is not trying to kill you. It’s not responding to a stimulus. Did you pet them for too long and made them feel uncomfortable? If this is the case, your cat will have expressed its feelings with lowered ears. Additionally, your cat might be trying to guide you through his or her petting preferences. Or maybe your cat is trying to play and doesn’t realize its strength.

I think my pet has a greeting obsession

A lot of dog owners love when their dog greets them by jumping into their arms. But it can be challenging to manage a dog that wants to greet everyone and every animal when you take it for a walk. There can be such a thing that an overly friendly dog. Why does your dog want to say hi to everyone? First of all, good news: You’ve got a friendly animal. But this excited behavior is the sign of a psychological issue. You need to train your dog to improve its social behavior.

What lies behind a pet’s gift?

When a dog brings you a toy, it’s obvious that your pet wants to play. But most cat owners are confused when a cat begins to bring gifts. Dead preys are often misunderstood. A cat that brings a dead mouse is showing affection. Similarly, what does it means when your cat brings you dead leaves or items found outside? It’s the equivalent of hunting. What happens with household items? A cat that brings toys or everyday objects, such as a sponge or a sock, wants to play. All you need to do is to give your cat some attention.

Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Absolutely Life

Who’s smarter?

In the end, there’s a myth that needs to be debunked: Are cats masterminds out to get you? An international team of researchers has been looking for the answer. Cats are not masterminds. In fact, they have less cognitive abilities than dogs, which isn’t to say that they are less intelligent but that they can’t be trained to the same level than dogs. In other words, with fewer brain cells, it’s likely that your feline companion isn’t plotting to get rid of you. However, nothing is stopping you from training your beloved pet to certain behaviors. Some cat owners have taught their pets to high five, while some dogs know how to help with your daily yoga routine. Your pet is only as smart as their intelligence is stimulated!

Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Absolutely Life

When we discover how much we do wrong with them, there’s only one question left to ask: How come our pets love us so much?

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Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Absolutely Life
Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Is Your Cat Trying To Kill You?, Absolutely Life

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