Day 17: My Favourite Blogs from SA
My Favourite Blogs

Day 17: My Favourite Blogs from SA

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We are already on the 5th of December! How did this happen?! Today I will be sharing some of my favourite blogs. I have to say I am probably a little bias because these ladies are my friends. Also keep in mind I met them through their blogs!

My Favourite Blogs

Melanie’s Nook

Melanie is one of the kindest bloggers I’ve met, her posts are always very informative and well written and she also knows how to graciously write about something she didn’t love.

Day 17: My Favourite Blogs from SA 4


Ilona always do SO much re-search about products she reviews and she writes about each item thoroughly. From the ingredients up to the pigmentation and formula all makes part of her reviews.

Day 17: My Favourite Blogs from SA 5

An Ordinary Gal

Simone is a Beauty and Parenting blogger who writes with so much humour I frequently find myself giggling at her posts. Her mama hood pots are so true and honest! My favourites is where Adam gets into her makeup.

Day 17: My Favourite Blogs from SA 6

Sugar & Spice Blog

Siobhan’s blog offers such a huge variety of topics, she blogs about so many different things, from makeup to food and everything in between.

Day 17: My Favourite Blogs from SA 7

What are some of your favouite blogs?

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  1. Simone Cameron

    Awww thanks so much hun for the mention <3

  2. Mariska Goussard

    All these ladies and blogs are some of my favourites too! So nice of you to spread the love xx

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      <3 I still wanted to add you in, just haven't gotten around to it! My head is upside down lol

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