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What’s Currently Happening In My Life ?

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Good morning lovelies. I know I am so behind on my own challenge, just as I make progress to catch up life happens. I think next year I will plan my blog posts better. For now I am just living in a whirlpool of chaos. I thought I owed it to you to update you a little bit with what has been keeping me from blogging with a what’s currently happening in my life update post.

Currently in my Life

So as most of you know I moved up to the Johannesburg area about 4 months ago and I’ve been job hunting here. Not very successfully I might add but I am not letting that get in my way. I have been planning and laying the ground work for my own bigger thing. I will let you in on this in the new year.


I’ve been planning to visit my mom, and my 4 legged children for Christmas and booked my flight for the 4th of December. Then on Monday all chaos in my little world broke loose with a call from my mom. My little Jack Russel, Meisie, got bitten in her eye by one of the other dogs. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know that Meisie was born deaf. Just the thought of her maybe losing her tiny little eye had me in near hysterics. I went ahead and moved my flight to this weekend. Meisie’s eye is doing okay but she needs to be monitored for the next few weeks. So things calmed a bit down around me after hearing her eye is okay.

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More Chaos

Then yesterday happened. I speak to my mom daily and I know she’s been sick with a stomach thing. She went to the Doctor on Wednesday but the meds she got there made no difference. My brother took her to the hospital yesterday, she was so dehydrated they had to empty two bags of fluids via a drip and they gave her some super strong stuff for nausea. I am so super thankful they didn’t have to admit her. This made me even more glad that I moved my flight because a sick mom, injured dog and 7 puppies is a lot to handle so I am glad I will be there to help out soon!

In The Meantime

So between now and my flight tomorrow I will finish up packing. Sort some stuff and hopefully get to my #FOTD prompt so I can get my challenge ball to the finish line.

PS. If you’ve noticed my days don’t all follow here on the blog, I’ve been doing some of them over on instagram, so if you don’t follow me yet, why aren’t you?!

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  1. Elizabeth Seal

    Ahhh that sucks so much, I hope your mum and little pup recover well and get better soon! It’s such a crazy time of year, so much is happening haha, I hope you get time to rest too! Such a pretty blog! 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I’d love to invite you to come win a big bundle of Festive Disney goodies haha :D)

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      Thank you so much hun, everyone is doing much better! Thank you also for the blog love <3

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