Day 9: What’s in my Handbag ?

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Hi my lovelies. I totally fell off the wagon with my own challenge and I feel SO bad about it. My mom is launching a small handmade item shop so I’ve been helping her with it.  For the next few days I will be playing catch up so you might be getting double posts in your inbox if you’re subscribed via WordPress. Today’s prompt will take is inside my handbag. I’ve taken a peek in there before starting the post and except for some slips and empty min wrappers it’s actually pretty neat in there!

Inside my handbag !

Handbag Essentials

  • Wallet – for the money I don’t actually have haha.
  • Card Wallet – for my bank card and 100 benefit cards from various stores, yes I’m looking at you Dischem & Clicks.
  • ID Book – Who else doesn’t have an ID card yet?
  • Tampon & Pantyliner – Just for in case, or to help out a fellow woman in need.
  • Dental Floss – I never go anywhere without floss.
  • Hand Lotion – Always good to have.

Handbag Convenience

  • Feminine Wipes – These even come in handy to wipe off a sticky husband after he ate an ice cream
  • Powerbank + Cable – A lady always needs to be prepared.
  • Hand Sanitiser – For those icky germs before a snack, I sometimes wipe down public toilet seats with this as well.
  • Mirror – Need to check up on that makeup, or you can use it to subtly look behind you in a restaurant.
  • Shopping Bag – I prefer taking my own bag when I go to the store to reduce waste.
  • Mini Perfume – For when I want to freshen up.
  • Hairband – Who doesn’t have one in their handbag?
  • Earphones – These are self explanatory
  • Pill Box – This has some pain pills, allergy meds.

Emergency Makeup Bag

This is a pretty new item in my handbag so let’s see what I have in here

  • NYX Mattifying Setting Spray – To get rid of the shine on warm days
  • Mini Mascara – I have forgotten to apply mascara a couple of times and I just look awful with a full face of makeup and no mascara
  • Lipsticks + Glosses – Just some random shades
  • Mini Highlight – For a touch up

Why is this even in here?

  • Dry pen – I don’t know why I have this in my bag still, it’s been dry for like 2 months. Maybe I can stab someone with it ?

Day 10 will be on instagram!

handbag, Day 9: What’s in my Handbag ?, Absolutely Life
handbag, Day 9: What’s in my Handbag ?, Absolutely Life

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