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    Introducing the West Coast Distillery Gin Charter

    The ultimate leisure experience. Not much could be better than an afternoon on a private yacht, sipping premium craft gin …

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    West Coast Distillers honoured with a Gold Award for their Caspyn Gin

    If you’re following me on instagram or read my birthday wishlist post some time back you will know …

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    Salinas Beach Restaurant in Wilderness

    Salinas Beach Restaurant in Wilderness is one of very few restaurants in the area that offers an ocean view giving …

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    Sheet Masks The Nook Trials { Face Mask Face Off }

    This week I joined Melanie from Melanie’s Nook for her weekly trials where she puts 5 to 6 items against …

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    Chutney & Mayo Chicken

    I’m back with a super easy recipe for chicken. This recipe is probably a favourite in a lot …

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    How I keep my eczema under control

    About a year ago I had the worse eczema flareup under under my breast that I’ve ever had. …

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  • Day 8: Current Obsession

    Day 8: Current Obsession

    Happy Saturday lovelies, I hope you are all having a very relaxing Saturday. For today’s prompt I didn’t specify what kind of obsession it should be so I’m going to include a couple of obsessions in the post

    Makeup Obsession

    When it comes to makeup items my current obsession is highlighters. Even tho I have a drawer filled with them I just can’t walk past one without swatching it.

    Colour Obsession

    As many of you gorgeous ladies I’m currently obsessed with rose gold. I’m always looking for rose gold items to add to my collection. Anything from earrings, trinket bowls, chains and I’ve even been looking around for some rose gold shoes.

    Mermaids and Unicorns

    While everyone else is still obsessing about mermaids and unicorns I’m secretly over here loving myself some flamingos! They’re such a perfect shade of pink, don’t you think?

    Snack Obsession

    I am totally obsessed with Nik Naks, I can easily devour a whole bag by myself! No questions asked.

    What are you currently obsession about?

    Day 8: Current Obsession
    Day 8: Current Obsession

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    1. Leanie
      29/11/2017 / 17:07

      I have a huge smile on my face just now by looking at that packet of Nik Naks. earlier Cindy (from 3 kids two dogs and one old house) have mentioned some while ago on twitter about Nik Naks and that was when i have realized that – geez it was such a long time ago that i’ve eaten a packet and then i just decided to go to the local shop and bought a packet, not long after that my parents also started enjoying Nik Naks. I have just eaten Nik Naks last night. I think this would be the new “stapel voedsel” in our household with the food prices going up.

      • 04/12/2017 / 08:49

        I want Nik Naks for breakfast today