Day 5: My favourite scent #30DayBBlogChallenge

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Good morning my lovelies. I know I slipped up yesterday with the Day 5 prompt. I was out all day with Magaliesburg Wines for an adventure filled day. Keep an eye out on the blog for my adventure post! But let’s get back to the blogging challenge and my favourite scent.

My Favourite Scent

One of my favourite scents on the entire world is vanilla, but not the “cheap” knock off version that you buy in the store for making cake. I mean real vanilla! The sweet smell just makes me drift away to somewhere special. If you’ve ever baked with real vanilla pods or vanilla extract you’d know what I’m talking about. I also love perfumes with vanilla notes.



A scent I dislike

I don’t know if this makes me weird a t all, but I really dislike lavender scented things. I adore the plant but lavender scented creams, lotions and bubble bath just really put me off. I once had a “scented” beanbag that you heat in the microwave and was said to relieve shoulder and neck pains. The lavender scent was so strong that all I got out of it was a headache!

Did you know?

Did you know that vanilla is derived from orchids? They are mostly from a Mexican flat leave specie. Maybe this is where my orchid obsession comes from!

Whar are some of your favourite scents?

Favourite Scent, Day 5: My favourite scent #30DayBBlogChallenge, Absolutely Life
Favourite Scent, Day 5: My favourite scent #30DayBBlogChallenge, Absolutely Life

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  1. 08/11/2017 / 08:14

    I’m also not a lover of a strong lavender scent. I am not offended by it…but don’t gravitate towards it.

    • 08/11/2017 / 09:51

      I think it’s because there are so many artificial scents out there, we sometimes forget what the real thing smells like. Real lavender I like, out of a can, no ty

  2. Leanie
    08/11/2017 / 13:53

    I dislike Vanilla in cooking. If I’m making custard i would rather use pineapple or orange essence. Lavender flowers, yes those do i like very much i even have a lavender plant tree underneath my bedroom window.

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