Day 3: My Favourite Beauty Hack #30DayBBlogChallenge

Hi lovelies! I hope you are all having a very nice and relaxing day in true Sunday fashion.  Today I went with my friend Ilona from Ilonique to the Parktown Boy’s Memorial Day function. I was pretty impressed with all the effort that was put into the day. But let’s get back to the #30DayBBlogChallenge with my Favourite Beauty Hack.

Favourite Beauty Hack

The one beauty hack that I’ve tried and tested and keep on doing is to put my mascara tube in a cup with hot water when it get’s clumpy and a little dry. It softens the mascara right up for smooth application. I currently have a couple of mascaras that can make a visit to a coffee cup. You can also add a bit of contact lens solution to the mascara.

The lazy girls version of this hack is to put the mascara in your bra while you’re applying your makeup. Your body heat will warm up the mascara and make it super easy to apply.

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More Beauty Hacks I’ve Tried

Other beauty hacks that I’ve tried and that worked is using a piece of tape to create a sharp edge for your makeup. Also using a teaspoon to create a winged liner, just make sure you angle the teaspoon the same on both sides. I’ve added a video for the spoon eyeliner hack. Let me know if you try it!

What are some of your favourite hacks? Let me know in the comments

Beauty Hack, Day 3: My Favourite Beauty Hack #30DayBBlogChallenge, Absolutely Life
Beauty Hack, Day 3: My Favourite Beauty Hack #30DayBBlogChallenge, Absolutely Life

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