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Day 11: 5 Favourite Lipstick Shades

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Hi lovelies, me again. This time with my favourite lipstick shades. But there is a bit more about the lipstick than the shade. Formula plays a huge roll too. I’ve seen some pretty great lipstick shades and even bought some, but in the end it’s the formula that makes or breaks.

I am not a huge fan of most matte lipstick shades and I love a hydrating satin finish. Long wear isn’t a factor for  me when it comes to lipsticks, I really don’t mind re-applying. My lips are on the drier side so before re-applying I can pop on some lip balm.

Day 11: 5 Favourite Lipstick Shades 1

5 Favourite Lipstick Shades

  1. This is a due from Guerlain. The kiss kiss matte lipstick in Burgundy places great with the lip lift primer. This due is extremely comfortable to wear. You an read a full review over here. This is definitely my go to red lipsticks.
  2. Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade Topanga with a satin finish. It’s a gorgeous coral shade and sits very comfortably. The formula is also hydrating
  3. Another Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade Scandy. This is also a satin finish, I love how vibrantly pink this shade is.
  4. This was my very first MAC lipstick and I adore it. It’s a nudy pink shade called Ramblin Rose and has a frost finish. It’s extremely comfortable to wear.
  5. This was the very first matte lipstick that didn’t dry my lips out to a dessert crack. Ofra’s matte lipstick in Laguna Beach is a definite go to favourite light pink shade.
Day 11: 5 Favourite Lipstick Shades 2
From left to right as numbered above, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

What are some of your favourite lipstick shades?

Day 11: 5 Favourite Lipstick Shades 3



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