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Guerlan Kiss Kiss 18 with Elizabeth H

{Review} Guerlain KissKiss Lip Duo

Good day my lovelies, we are already going downhill with this week! The days are passing so fast that I sometimes have to remind myself to just sit down and catch my breath. My luck was on point last week when I won a Guerlain KissKiss lipstick duo from Dave Lackie. Or as he’s also know, they beauty world’s fairy godfather.

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KissKiss Liplift – Smoothing Lipstick Primer

Guerlain Says: The indispensable partner to lipstick, the KissKiss Liplift smoothing base in stick form redefines your lip contour, smoothes and prepares the lips for long-lasting make-up. With its creamy, rich and supple texture and neutral translucent shade, it preserves and enhances the colour of your lipstick. Lips are smooth and silky soft. Their contour is more defined. Lipstick is easy to apply. It offers lasting hold for guaranteed high-fidelity make-up without feathering.

I Say: I really loved the idea of trying out a lip primer. I’ve tried primers on my lids, face and even lashed but this was a first for me. The formula applies really easily and glided on smoothly. Because my lips dry out so easily I loved how this made the surface of my lips more even creating the perfect base for a matte lipstick. I have not yet tried the primer with a different matte lipstick brand but I will do so and update. This primer is also lovely scented with vanilla and violet. The lipstick bullet has a really luxurious design and is easy to hold during application.

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KissKiss Matte – The French KissKiss in a matte version

Guerlain Says: Guerlain imagines KissKiss Matte, a hydrating and plumping matte lipstick, intense like a lipstick and comfortable like a balm! The subtle spice extract it contains gives the impression of voluminous lips while the precious oils and the hyaluronic acid smooth and hydrate them. KissKiss Matte offers 9 captivating shades for all special occasions. The iconic packaging is adorned with a golden matte veil.

I Say: The packaging of this lipstick bullet is even more luxurious then the packaging of the liplift. It makes me think of exclusively wrapped chocolate. As you guys know by now I’m not the biggest fan of matte lipsticks. My lips dry out extremely fast and then the matte lipsticks are uncomfortable to wear. I tried this one out very light heatedly. I am excited to report back that I was actually pretty impressed by the hydration and comfort on my lips. The lipstick applies smoothly and is gorgeously pigmented. The lipsticks wears longer than your average cream lipstick but isn’t as long wear as other matte lipsticks I’ve come across. I do believe that using the liplift before hand made a big difference. The lipstick has the same soft scent as the liplift and is in the shade Spicy Burgundy.


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The Guerlain KissKiss liplift and Matte lipstick retails for around $37 each and can be found in Sephora and I’ve seen them in South Africa at Edgars and Red Square stores.

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