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Good day lovelies. It’s been a while since I posted a travel related post. The past weekend I got the chance to explore Johannesburg a little bit thanx to Marius. He’s an avid Pokemon Go player and is always looking for new playing ground. We went to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and spent the afternoon walking around taking photos and catching Pokemon of course.

Little Ducks

Shortly after we arrived I spotted cute little ducklings, the mother duck wasn’t too impressed with me getting closer and called them all. That didn’t stop met from getting some shots.

This is about where security told me to put my camera in my car because you aren’t allowed to do photo shoots in the garden without a booking. Marius quickly jumped in and told them we are bird watchers after I looked at the guy funny. I was most certainly not dressed for a photo shoot!


These trees just tell us spring is around the corner, I also captured some bees sitting on the flowers.

Rose Garden

The rose Garden was most definitely the most popular part of the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens. I spotted at least 4 bridal parties taking photos and other people having picnics enjoying the afternoon sun and some ice cream. Unfortunately it isn’t time for roses to bloom now but I will be back!

Last bit of the walk through the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens

We stumbled upon the Hugenote Monument and then found a floor fountain with a little frog just relaxing in the water. The cactus garden was one of my favourite parts, I love low maintenance plants! I had to send Marius down a hill to take pics of the stream as I would probably have graciously rolled down the hill and landed face first in the water.

I would love to re-visit the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens in summer when everything will green and in full bloom. Perhaps a picnic will be in order. What are some of your favourite things to do in Johannesburg that doesn’t break the bank?

If you are a Pokemon Go fan you can watch Marius video below 🙂


Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, {Local Travel} Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Absolutely Life
Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, {Local Travel} Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Absolutely Life

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