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Happy Monday lovelies. I hope you all had a great long weekend and that tons of fun was involved. This post is another one that is a tad overdue but rather late than never right? IVO Health sent over some great homeopathic travel buddies before my trip to the Netherlands and today I’m sharing them with you.

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What is Jet-Lag?

Jet-Lag is a temporary sleep disorder. It happens when the body’s internal clock is out of sync with cues from a new time zone. Cues can include light exposure and eating times. Fatigue and difficulty concentrating are symptoms. I’ve experienced Jet-Lag once and ended up sleeping for 22 hours straight! Some people also end up turning their day and night around. Surveys have found that up to 94% of long haul travelers, including flight attendants, are affected by jet lag.

How does No-Jet-Lag help?

No-Jet-Lag is a unique, safe and effective homeopathic remedy that helps to fight travel fatigue and prevent jet lag. Simply chew one No-Jet-Lag at each take-off and landing and every two hours during your flight.

Active Ingredients:

  • Arnica alleviates injuries, strains, tension, over-exertion, mental strain and shock, sleeplessness and restlessness when overtired
  • Bellis Perennis, to alleviate muscular soreness, venous congestion and problems from waking mid-sleep and sleep interruption..
  • Chamomilla to combat emotional and mental stress, sleeplessness, impatience, intolerance and disorientation.
  • Ipecacuanha to alleviate dehydration, irritability in chest and stomach as well as nausea.
  • Lycopodium to reduce anxiety, anticipatory fears, apprehension, over-sensitivity and inability to adapt to new surroundings.

IVO Health, Travel Buddies from IVO Health, Absolutely Life

Trip Ease

What is motion sickness?

Motion sickness is a very common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion like waves on the ocean/sea, the movement of a car or turbulence on a plane. Some people experience extreme nausea and even vomiting. My husband gets motion sickness when reading in a car or train.

How does Trip Ease help?

Trip Ease is a natural remedy suitable for all ages that helps to prevent motion sickness during road, sea or air travel. Simply chew a Trip Ease tablet before your journey begins and one every hour thereafter for relief. It contains six active natural ingredients that stimulate the body’s own natural processes to effectively reduce symptoms of motion sickness such as nausea, dizziness, fatigue and vomiting.

Active Ingredients:

  • Cocculus Indicus to alleviate motion sickness and anxiety.
  • Gelsemium for dizziness, drowsiness and trembling.
  • Kreosotum for nausea and vomiting.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron for restlessness, nausea and vertigo.
  • Sodium Borate to alleviate reactions to sudden movements.
  • Tabacum for sudden motion sickness, coldness and vertigo.

IVO Health, Travel Buddies from IVO Health, Absolutely Life

Drink Ease

What is a hangover?

A hangover is signs and symptoms linked to recent heavy drinking. The person “suffering” typically has a headache, feels sick, dizzy, sleepy, confused and thirsty.  I’m sure we all have had one of those at least once in our lives (lucky for me I only had it bad once because I learned from my mistakes)

How does Drink Ease help?

Drink Ease does not directly neutralize the chemical effects of alcohol, but stimulates the body’s own natural processes to deal more quickly and efficiently with its poisoning effects. Drink Ease has no harmful side-effects.

Active Ingredients:

  • Avena Sativa, used to alleviate nervous exhaustion,anxiety and insomnia in heavy drinkers.
  • Capsicum Annuum, used to alleviate upset stomachs, bleary eyes, feeble digestion problems from continuous drinking.
  • Nux Vomica, used to alleviate problems from over indulgence, sleeplessness, headaches and migraines when due to a hang over.
  • Veratrum Album, used to alleviate dehydration, fainting, paleness, ice-coldness and sweatiness and nausea.
  • Zinc Metallicum, used to alleviate exhaustion and restlessness, mental weakness, physical weakness.

IVO Health, Travel Buddies from IVO Health, Absolutely Life

I’ve spotted these products at Dischem for a very reasonable price. If you can’t find them you can contact IVO Health directly to find your closets stockist. I also had no problems carrying these tablets in my hand luggage through security during my trip.

Information found on IVO Health‘s website

IVO Health, Travel Buddies from IVO Health, Absolutely Life
IVO Health, Travel Buddies from IVO Health, Absolutely Life

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