{Recipe} Homemade Gouda Hamburger Patties

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I just love a good old hamburger and it’s usually my first choice when dining out. I’m always on the search for that perfect burger! Over the years I’ve perfected making homemade burger patties. Today I’m sharing a variation on my recipe with you guys.

This recipe is specially for those cheese lovers, you can substitute the Gouda cheese for cheddar of mozzarella.

Serving Suggestion

I love topping my bun with cream cheese, peppadews, gherkins, salad leaves and sauce when making these patties but you can add whatever you love.

Hamburger Patties, {Recipe} Homemade Gouda Hamburger Patties, Absolutely Life

This recipe can easily be doubled up for a burger party where all your guests can just bring something you can top the burger with. Bring & Burger!

“Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius”

– Matthew McConaughey

The easy to follow recipe is down below, feel free to share it with your friends and give me feedback and suggestions if you ever try it!

Gouda Hamburger Patties

Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Keyword Hamburgers
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Resting Time 15 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 6 Hamburger Patties
Author Lizna


  • 250 ml Bread Crumbs I make mine with a handblender
  • 5 ml Thyme Fresh works best
  • 5 ml Italian Mixed Herbs
  • 5 ml Parsley
  • 5 ml Coriander Grounded
  • Salt & Pepper To taste
  • 1 large Egg
  • 150 g Gouda Cheese Cut into small cubes
  • 500 g Ground Beef
  • Oil for Frying


  • Mix the bread crumbs with all the herbs, spice, salt and pepper. I like using the stick blender for this it really helps to bring out the flavours from the fresh herbs.
  • Next mix in the egg, cheese and ground beef.
  • I separate the mixture into 6 equal parts and then form my patties. Let them sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes, you can skip this step but they keep their shape better if chilled.
  • Fry the patties in some oil until browned on both sides!


I hope you really enjoy this recipe!
Hamburger Patties, {Recipe} Homemade Gouda Hamburger Patties, Absolutely Life
Hamburger Patties, {Recipe} Homemade Gouda Hamburger Patties, Absolutely Life

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  1. Beauty Candy Loves
    30/05/2017 / 09:46

    this looks absolutely delicious!!

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. An ordinary gal
    30/05/2017 / 12:17

    If you’re looking to try a good burger and you like some heat…. the new Mugg & Bean one is DELICIOUS! The stuffed popper burger.

    This looks good as well…cheese and burger, you can never go wrong.

    • 30/05/2017 / 12:37

      Will keep that one in mind, I think I saw it somewhere and the Mugg & Bean isn’t far from my house 😀

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