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Hand Luggage Essentials For Long Haul Flights

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Hi lovelies! I hope everyone is doing great. Today I will be sharing my hand luggage essentials on long haul flights. Since I got married 5 years ago I have traveled abroad a couple of times and each time I discover something else that I just need in my hand luggage. If I need to narrow that list down these are the items that make it to the top.

An Empty Water Bottle

Flying for long hauls really dehydrates you and bringing your own empty bottle just makes it so much easier. I always ask for my bottle to get filled before take off. This way I don’t have to ask for water every 30 minute minutes just to receive a tiny plastic cup that’s not even full. If the bottle has a straw it’s even better, you won’t end up spilling all over the place during turbulence.

Lip Balm

While we are on the topic of hydration, airplane air tends to be on the very dry side. I start feeling my lips drying out as soon as the seat belt light turns off. I recommend Letibalm and Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip products

Anti Bacterial Wet Wipes

Even tho you get a moist towelette at meal times you might want to eat some snacks or even a meal during a layover. I don’t know about you but I don’t trust public restroom soaps.


Lots of seats these days come with a USB outlet. I still recommend that you pack a powerbank. You might just land in a seat that doesn’t have one or have a long layover you will be really glad that you have one!

Headset & Converter

Those earphones they hand out on flights are most definitely not the most comfortable things I’ve ever had to use, I invested in an airplane outlet converter and now travel with my own headset in my bag that is much more comfortable .


This homeopathic remedy really helps to combat jet lag, you take these prior and during your flight and you can start your vacation or business trip feeling more like yourself. These are available at Dischem

Travel Pillow

I will never fly without my travel pillow, the ones that are stuffed I find are much more comfortable than the blow up ones. You can tie them to the outside of your hand luggage, that way they don’t take up any extra space.

Comfortable Shoes

I like stuffing my slippers in my laptop bag and wearing them during the flight, it’s much more comfortable!

Other Bits & Bobs

Don’t forget other essentials like tissues, hand lotion, pain medication, a pen and something to read. Also remember that you aren’t allowed to take a lighter, I saw numerous people’s lighters get confiscated.

What are some of your essentials when you travel?

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