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  • The Quest for Fresh Breath + Giveaway! {Closed}

    The Quest for Fresh Breath + Giveaway! {Closed}, Absolutely Life

    February isn’t just the month of love but it is also the month for a #FreshBreathQuest! If you’re on a quest for fresh breath, you are well-advised to start with your mouth. According to the experts, in most cases, bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene.

    Bad Breath

    The Quest for Fresh Breath + Giveaway! {Closed}, Absolutely Life

    Bad breath, also known as halitosis or oral malodour, affects most people at some point, with one in four people having a chronic problem. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to know you have it; most people are unaware, while others think they have a problem when they don’t. It’s best to check ask a loved one. Alternatively lick your wrist, from the back of the tongue to the tip, allow to dry for 10 seconds, then smell for any unpleasant odour. 

    Brushing Correctly


    “Brushing correctly, cleaning the tongue and in-between the teeth is the foundation of fresh breath,” says Dirna Grobbelaar, oral hygiene advisor for Ivohealth. “An effective daily oral care routine removes plaque and food debris, which will otherwise break down in the mouth, releasing foul odours, causing irritation and disease.” 

    Brushing seems elementary, but not everyone does it right. “Brushing correctly means two minutes, twice a day. Use a soft brush, a fluoride toothpaste and slightly angle the brush so the bristles face the gum line and cover the whole tooth surface,” advises Grobbelaar.

    Floss for a Quest for Fresh Breath

    Over a third of South Africans admit they never floss. “If you find flossing awkward, find an alternative way to clean in-between,” says Grobbelaar. “Sunstar GUM has the widest range of interdental tools in South Africa, with everything from tiny bottle brushes to high-tech toothpicks.”


    The tongue can be another hiding place for the baddies that cause bad breath. Gently scrape the tongue on a daily basis then gargle with alcohol-free mouthwash for extra fresh breath confidence. 

    Grobbelaar recommends a professional cleaning with your oral hygienist every six months and an annual check-up with the dentist. For more expert oral care tips and advice visit www.ivohealth.co.za or speak to your dental professional. 

    February’s Fresh Breath Quest in support of Operation Smile South Africa

    Take the Sunstar GUM Fresh Breath Quest (#FreshBreathQuest) and donate a toothbrush to Operation Smile South Africa. There are prizes worth over R15, 000 to be won!!. To enter, go to www.ivohealth.co.za/freshbreathquest from 1 to 28 February 2017. Terms and conditions apply.  Let’s go on a Quest for Fresh Breath.

    Win a Sunstar GUM hamper with IVO Health and with Elizabeth H

    I have partenered up with IVO health for #FreshBreathQuest, so apart from the huge giveaway from Sunstar GUM you can stand a chance of winning a Sunstar GUM hamper from IVO Health right here on the blog by entering down below!

    Each kit contains:

    • GUM Tongue Cleaner (recommended retail price R51.35)
    • GUM Technique Plus toothbrush (R57.40)
    • GUM Original White toothpaste (R52) GUM Original White floss (R51)
    • GUM Original White mouth rinse (R84.18)
    • GUM Easy Flossers x 30 (R50.31)
    • GUM Soft-Picks Advanced (R89)
    • GUM Flosbrush Automatic (R104)
    Remember for each person taking the #freshbreathquest IVO Health donates 1 toothbrush to Operation Smile South Africa!

    Fresh Breath Kit

    For more chances to win go to www.ivohealth.co.za/freshbreathquest

    The Quest for Fresh Breath + Giveaway! {Closed}, Absolutely Life

    Disclosure: Information in the post can be found in the media release for #FreshBreathQuest!
    The Quest for Fresh Breath + Giveaway! {Closed}, Absolutely Life
    The Quest for Fresh Breath + Giveaway! {Closed}, Absolutely Life

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      Wow!! Fantastic!

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        anne botes
        27/02/2017 / 17:23

        #freshbreathquest done all steps