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Titanium Man Review – Skincare

At the end of last year I ran a Titanium Man giveaway where one of my lucky readers won an entire Titanium Man hamper. I received a set as well to try out but Titanium Man, Man being the operative word, being a range for men I thought I need a little bit of help reviewing these products so I asked my husband for a hand on trying these. Here goes my very first he says, she says review!

Face & Body Wash

Titanium Man Review - Skincare 1He Says:
I was skeptic trying the wash, as I thought it was just another wash. To be honest it is… However, the smell is to my taste fancy, strong and masculine.

She Says:
The packaging is really easy to open and a small amount of gel gives enough lather to wash all over. The wash cleanses thoroughly and has the signature Titanium scent.

Anti-ageing Serum

Titanium Man Review - Skincare 2

He Says:
I have to be honest with you… I haven’t tried any anti-ageing serums before so it is hard for me to compare it to others, I can however share my experience of this anti-ageing serum. It amazes me at how absorbing the serum is, I haven’t finished applying the serum half way over my face and the area where I started has already been absorbed. The after feeling is soothing and I feel the serum sinking in my skin.

She Says:
This packaging looks very sleek, I love that this has a pump to express the product with, this way bacteria stays out and it’s easier for you get just the right amount each time and there is no waste. This serum has a gel like consistency and absorbs really fast, as it absorbs you get that tightening feeling.

Anti-Ageing Eye Cream

Titanium Man Review - Skincare 3He Says:
I have to tell you that I am also not familiar with eye creams. The anti-ageing eye cream is not one of the best scented products of the range, but you can  feel the cream working immediately after application.

She Says:
I have to agree with Chris on this one, the eye serum doesn’t have a pleasant scent. This too has a pump and we found that half a pump is enough product for both eyes. It has a creamy texture and really absorbs fast. Just like with the anti ageing serum you can really feel the skin tighten when it absorbs.

Hydrating Moisturizer

Titanium Man Review - Skincare 4He Says:
The hydrating moisturizer is finally a product I have used before. I was however amazed on what effect the Titanium Man Hydrating moisturizer has on my skin. The moisturizer is very absorbing I am glad that I do not have the feeling that I am walking around with a wet slippery face the whole day. I sweat fast from light activities, and the product stayed firmly absorbed. I was happy to wipe my face after some activities and not to have removed the layer of moisturizer I applied that morning, I felt that the moisturizer was still doing it’s job no matter how many times I wipe my face.

She Says:
This tube is easy to open as well, the consistency of the cream is thick and creamy and very easy to apply and spread all over the face. It doesn’t absorb as fast as the eye cream and serum but as soon as it’s absorbed you aren’t left with a sticky and greasy feeling skin.

Stay tuned for the second part of the review where we will be talking body care! Let us know if you’d like to see more posts featuring Chris.

Chris & Lizna

Titanium Man Review - Skincare 5



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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. photomayhemchard

    Hi Lizna

    As you well know I was the lucky recipient of the wonderful gift package and what a stunning early Christmas gift it was.

    The parcel arrived way before I actually expected and oh my, what a welcome surprise it was when when I got a call from the complex concierge informing me that a package had arrived for me.

    My inner kid really got excited heading down to collect it. Rushed back to my apartment and laid into the packaging with gusto.

    Added in the package was a beautiful card from the Titanium team as well as a pamphlet with detailed usage instructions.

    Not being a young bloke these days, although I still think I am, 46 is the new 26 after all. I was keen to see the effects of the products on my skin. I have used other products in the past so was very keen to see how this product reacted to my skin.

    Well, me being me I attacked the eau de parfum first. Well I loved the scent and knew then already that I would love the rest of the range.

    Long story short and having read the review by your hubby I will agree with him whole heartedly. With Titanium man less is definitely more. I like the feel on my skin and having used the products for about 5 months now I fell a marked improvement on my face and have a visible improvement on my, shall we call them smile lines.

    Would I continue using Titanium Man in the future? Definitely yes.

    I am still very old school and have found the scent works well with my day to day old spice deodorant. I would use a Titanium deodorant if they had one available, for now the two work well together and I am a happy camper.

    Once again thank you and Titanium man for the awesome products.

    Richard C

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      Thank you so much for the feedback Rich, I am so happy you are enjoying your prize xx

  2. Dave Munn

    I use all the products and you have hit the nail on the head. My fave is the eye works wonders…and i need wonders.
    Look forward to the rest of the reviews.

  3. Jade

    Especially the anti-aging products! that i know my boyfriend and many of my male friends have never ever ever thought of! ima rush out and gift this whole package to my boo.

    It’s so good I have to comment twice 🙂

  4. Jade

    Such a great post! I don’t follow guy bloggers so I never hear their take on mens grooming products and very little female bloggers talk about mens products. I mean as a girlfriend I actually buy these things for my boyfriend and want him to try new poducts to see what works best, not just what his dad has used all his life and consequentially he now uses because he doesn’t know any better. There are other products for guys other than nivea for men! so i want more info on mens products and this post just did the job. spoken from both male and female. best idea ever! I want more of these, SERIOUSLY! 🙂

    Amazing job you two!

    1. Lizna Erkelens

      Hi Jade! Thank you so much for your great feedback, we are both really happy that you enjoyed it. I am working on Chris for the next batch of reviews

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