Rain Dance with Rain

Hi lovelies, over the weekend of the 29th of October I spent time in Cape Town with one of my best friends. Ever since Rain opened their first spa I’ve been wanting to go so I jumped at this chance and booked myself and my friend in for the “rain dance ritual”. This is one of the rain spa’s signature treatments and it truly one of the most unique massages I’ve ever had. The Rain Dance.

Rain Dance

Upon arrival at the Nest in Willow Bridge we had to fill out forms listing any health issues and concerns we might have. We stepped into the treatment room where the 2 lovely massage therapists gave us a little run down on the massage, after changing into supper comfy sweat pants provided to us by rain and getting comfortable under the covers on the massage beds it was time for our massages to start.

Had an amazing ritual massage yesterday at the @rainafricasa spa #raindance #massage #rainafrica

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Rain describes the “rain dance”

An original Rain Dance massage, applied to the back, neck and shoulders. Inspired by  tribal dance and choreographed to provide a synergistic rhythmic flow between guest and therapist. Movements are stretching, pulling, bending and manipulation of limbs to a gentle African rhythm. Rain’s delectable Marula and Shea Body Butter massage bar is used as a deeply enriching and nourishing skin butter, followed by steamed herbal cloth balls, which are used to release pressure and tension – all in harmony with the specially sequenced tribal music.

The two therapists rhythmically moved together massaging myself and my friend in sync with each other and the music, completely transporting my mind to a state of relaxation. When the music would go faster so would the massaging. I asked for medium pressure and I could really feel my muscles getting pampered. The pulling, bending and manipulation of limbs was a first for me and it actually felt really good getting my muscles stretched in all directions. The rain massage bar that got massaged into our skins smelt amazing as well!

At the end of the massage we walked away with super soft glowing skin and relaxed muscles, the sore muscles for a week after this wasn’t as much fun as the massage but still totally worth it! We got to go home with our massage bars and the tools we got massaged with which I thought was a really great little extra.

withelizabehh-02-rain-danceIf you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I’m a huge rain fan, this brand gives so much back into the community and creates a job for so many less fortunate than us, especially women and the disabled.They don’t test on animals and all their products gets made from natural ingredients:

  • no parabens
  • no petroleum jelly
  • no mineral oil
  • no liquid paraffin
  • no petrochemicals
  • no animal testing
  • no child labour

Thank you so much The Nest for treating myself and my friend like African queens, we will be back for “cocoon” really soon! A special thank you as well to the team at the Garden Route branch for being so kind to get me in touch with Ronel at rain to make this amazing experience happen. Lets hope the Garden Route will soon be treated with its own rain spa, a girl can dream….

Rain Dance with Rain 1



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