My Weight Journey – The Second Update
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My Weight Journey – The Second Update

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Hi my lovelies, I am now in my sixth week of changing my lifestyle for the better, you can read the entire story over here if you haven’t been following my weight journey for some background on who, what, why and where. I would be lying if I tell you these past 4 weeks has been a breeze, but it’s also not as tough as I thought it will be. My Weight Journey


My Weight Journey

Up until now I’ve lost 7kg, and that in 5 weeks. I am nearly halfway to my first goal of 15kg down by the 12th December. I am super proud of myself and I’m pushing myself hard to get where I am going. My energy levels are much higher and I don’t get that energy slump just after midday.

So far I have slipped up a bit, but right after the “cheat” I get back on the unicorn and carry on flying. I am not going to lie, my cravings do still come and drive me a bit loony but I found healthier alternatives for them.

Chocolates? No problem, canderal choccies actually don’t taste bad at all.
Chips? No problem, provita rice crackers with different flavours, one-quarter of a bag is the same as one slice of bread, so you guys know what I’d rather have.
Ice cream? Going to make my own frozen yogurt, can’t wait for warmer days.

Here are some tips that has been helping me:

  • Keep a water bottle at all times so you don’t forget to drink your water. The water drink reminder app from the play store has been a great help so far.
  • Pre made tomato based pasta sauces are your friend, you can toss nearly anything  in to make a quick and easy meal.
  • You don’t have to eat meat everyday, you can substitute for yogurt or cheese.
  • Nandos has a vitality meal if you just can’t get around to cooking and it’s pretty good!

Keep following me for more on my weight journey!

My Weight Journey - The Second Update 4



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