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Soft Contact Lens Care

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After writing my review about the Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution I thought it will be a really good idea to do another post on contact lens care. Cleaning your contacts the right way is really important for your eye health and will result in better eye comfort when wearing your lenses. I’ve only ever used 30 day soft contact lenses that you toss afterwards, so I am not an expert on day lenses nor hard lenses. Soft Contact Lens Care.


Soft Contact Lens Care

First off it’s really important not to sleep with your lenses. I’ve fallen asleep with mine during the day on occasion and only once for an entire night. My eyes felt horrible after. It was like my lenses got fogged up!

How to clean your soft contact lenses:

  • Make sure your hands are clean and that you dry them on a towel that doesn’t have any fuzz on that can stick to your hands.
  • Remove your lens and gently place it in the palm of your hand and add some cleansing solution.
  • Gently rub your lens for 20 seconds.
  • Rinse your lens with some more solution.
  • Place the lens in your clean lens case or lens holder and fill with fresh solution
  • Repeat with your other lens.

Don’t forget to make double sure when you screw the caps on that the left and right caps go with the correct lenses. Replace your lenses as indicated by your optometrist. I’ve actually had the “pleasure” of putting the wrong lenses in the wrong eyes!

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    I like using contact lenses in the weekend when I’m out or not in front of pc

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