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Featured Phone App • Track Your Cycle with Clue

Featured Phone App • Track Your Cycle with Clue. To kick this off I would just like to tell you that it is not a sponsored post, I just love this app so much that I wanted to share it with you guys! Clue is a phone app that tracks your period, ovulation and even shows you when you are having PMS. Clue is designed to make tracking your fertility accurate, fast and friendly. It keeps track of your monthly cycle by you entering data about your period, pain, mood, fluid and sexual activity, you can even input if you’ve taken your pill.

clue logoClue uses an algorithm to calculate and predict your own unique cycle – your ovulation, PMS and the dates your period should start. The more you use the app, the more accurate it gets. Clue includes educational material about the menstrual cycle, answering frequently asked questions like – “Is my cycle normal?” “When can I get pregnant?” “What is PMS?” You can even view previous cycles and see three cycle predictions into the future.

From the team over at clue:

“At Clue, we’re making a dent in the history of reproductive health. We’ve started by building a cycle tracking app that’s confident, scientific and not pink. We create user experiences that are empathetic and positive, not filled with butterflies or euphemisms.Our goal is to give people a way to track and discover the unique patterns in their cycle, for every stage of life. We believe that technology, connected to the mobile phone, is the future of family planning.”

In the phone menu you can view the calendar, your analysis, set up your reminders and your tracking options, for example collection method, cravings, hair and skin condition. You can lock your account as well to keep your information private and you can easily backup and restore your account if you are switching phones. The only bug in the app that I noticed so far is that the reminders don’t always remind me.

Clue is a free app that can be downloaded for iPhone and Android

Featured Phone App • Track Your Cycle with Clue 1



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