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New Makeup Brushes by Gosh

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I was super stoked to receive a press drop from my favourite cruelty free makeup brand last week, and I am extremely excited to share what I received with you guys! Gosh is introducing their brand new line of quality makeup brushes, to find out more, read on. Brushes by Gosh

Brushes by Gosh

Gosh’s previous makeup brushes had a combination of natural and synthetic bristles which had some animal cruelty concerns, but these new brushes are all made out of 100% synthetic man-made hair and long birchwood handles. They are super soft to the touch and really sturdy.

Why is synthetic hair better than natural hair?

  • No animal cruelty concerns
  • More sanitary
  • More overall consistent quality
  • Synthetic bristles gravitate towards each other while applying makeup resulting in more precise application
  • Synthetic bristles doesn’t absorb a lot of product giving you streak free application
  • Synthetic bristles are easier to clean

The range includes 4 brushes:

Kabuki Brush

This short-handled brush is ideal to use with blush, bronzer, foundation powder and setting powder. A Kabuki brush is excellent for applying a concentrated amount of product in a strong blunt curve. It is also perfect for crea­ting all-over coverage with a natural look, you simple have to: Swirl your Kabuki brush in loose powder, bronzer or blush. Tap off the excess powder. Buff on your face or body with a circular motion.

Blusher Brush

This medium-sized brush picked up the right amount of colour for perfect cheeks. Ideal for highlighting the cheekbones or applying blush precisely right where you need it.

Powder Brush Brushes by Gosh

This larger sized brush is perfect for all over face and body powder application. Load brush with powder, then gently tap on palm of hand to shake off the excess before sweeping over face.

Foundation Brush Brushes by Gosh

This flat brush is perfect for liquid foundation application. Start in the middle of the face with your foundation and blend outward in tiny swiping motions to avoid a gosh like face. Build up for more coverage or to cover redness or pigmentations.

How to care for your Gosh Makeup Brushes

Gently wipe them clean on a face cloth or towel to remove surface oils and pigments between uses. Thoroughly clean brushes once or twice a month using warm water and soap like baby shampoo or brush cleanser. Point the brush head down and make sure to rinse all the soap out. Gently squeeze out access water, reshape brush and dry flat over the side of a flat surface.

Gosh products are available exclusively at Edgars stores.

Blog information adapted from the Gosh press release and

New Makeup Brushes by Gosh 1



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